By Dayo Adesulu

The Phenomenon of Sexual Abuse is rising in secondary schools and education authorities are not doing enough to prevent it, Dr. Mrs. Justina Adeosun, a medical Doctor told the participants at symposium to mark the tenth anniversary of Darfote International Secondary School Ijaye Lagos. Dr. (Mrs.) Adeosun spoke on “The role of Parents, Schools and Society in Sexual Abuse prevention and intervention.”

According to Dr. Justina Adeosun, parents should educate the children on what constitutes sexual abuse and what the children can do to prevent it. She disclosed that sexual abuse is so common in Nigeria. She said 52% of respondents in a survey confirmed that they have experienced sexual abuse.

She defines sexual abuse as any forced sexual contact on a child by an adult. She added that children on the street are more exposed to sexual abuse.

Dr. Adeosun identified two types of Sexual Abuse which include the contact and non contact form. This shows that even adults can be victims of sexual abuse.

There are many individuals of sexual abuse among Children. Teachers and Parents were advised to watch out for these signs. For example in a school, a teenage girl might have been called to the staff room when only a young male teacher ends up touching the girl’s boob against her wish either through subtle manipulation or threats, then sexual abuse has taken place. Usually what follows is that after the experience the girl becomes unsettled and may not concentrate on her studies for the rest of that day.

Her recommendations for prevention of sexual abuse is that all stakeholders should show interest in the safety and welfare of all our children. References on teachers should be obtained before they are employed so that those who have a record of sexual abuse should be avoided.

Teachers training programmes should also sensitise teachers on the need to avoid sexual abuse. School authorities should also employ counselors so that the children can get quality advise on how to avoid sexual abuse. Children should be trained to understand sexual advances and family guidelines should also teach children to respect their own privacy and that of others.

On the second day of the celebrations, a senior lecturer in the Department of Geography Lagos State University Dr. Ayo Omotayo addressed the children. He spoke on “How to choose a career based on patent talent”. Six Secondary Schools attended the lecture in addition to the children of Dartforte International Secondary School. Dr Omotayo advised the parents to desist from forcing children to choose a career.

His words, “some parents want their children to study medicine, yet the child does not have the ability, interest or even the natural talent. In that case they will try to force the child In most cases what we have seen from experience is that children do not make it in life.

Even if parents succeed in forcing the children to study medicine, we have seen cases where such people later abandon the profession and start something else. So one would say that parents should allow the children to make the choice of the profession they will like to practice”

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