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CAN blames current political impasse on PDP

By Sam Eyoboka

LAGOS — NORTH Central zonal chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Rev. Yakubu Pam, has blamed the ruling party, the PDP, for the current political impasse in the country, saying the self proclaimed biggest party in Africa has failed to bequeath to the nation true democratic principles.

According to him, “Nigeria is not practising true democracy, that is why we find ourselves in this kind of problem. Democracy of regions or zones or tribes, that is not democracy. It is just like you are saying when you eat, let me also eat and that makes us not to elect our first 11 to rule over this country. They may say Nigeria is not yet ripe to practise democracy as it is done in America and other places, but I say why not?”

Speaking in an interview, Rev Pam who was in Lagos for the revival programme of Assemblies of God Church, Orile II branch, also blamed erstwhile President Olusegun Obasanjo, who he said, had an ample opportunity to permanently address the protracted ethno-religious crisis in Plateau State but failed to utilise the chance.

The fiery preacher who was guest of Pastor Emmanuel Igwe for four days, told our reporter that contrary to the calculations of the pro-Yar’Adua group, the smuggling of the president into the country under the cover of night had not helped the situation, instead it has exacerbated it.

“They could have just allowed him to stay where he was to get better or at best to rest. I will say the major problem we have in the Aso Rock Villa is greed. People are greedy and I remember somebody saying that greed is worst than corruption. When you are greedy for power, it is worst than corruption and it can destroy the life wire of a nation,” he added.

On Yar’Adua’s readiness to rule
He insisted that the development had got to a situation where we should take a close look at the nation’s constitution and “if Mr. President is not capable enough to rule, I think we should throw away greed and other primordial sentiments and allow the Vice President to continue running the country till the time he would be well enough.

“But they have worsened the case now, even when they know that the man is not yet well, they rushed him down here and nobody can see his face. I felt they should have allowed this man to carry on as the acting president until such a time that the man is pronounced okay by his doctors,” Pam added.

The cleric who believes that lack of quality leadership in the country is the bane of our under-development despite the enormous endowments, said: “We need a strong leader who will ensure that our constitution is practised to the letter in all ramifications.”

Solution to Jos crisis
Pam averred that the only viable solution to the crisis in the North Central town is for the Federal Government to set up a Truth and Reconciliation Commission that would invite all the big wigs fingered in the previous commissions of enquiry.

“There should be freedom of worship in every part of the country. We need a strong leader who will make sure that the constitution of the country is respected by all and when they get a case like this Jos crisis they can go round the North and solve the problem once and for all,” he said.


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