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Akunyili: N-Delta youths carpet lawmakers

By Jimito Onoyume
PORT HARCOURT—AN umbrella group of youths in the Niger Delta, South-South Youth Leaders Forum, has described the call for the resignation of the Minister of Information, Professor Dora Akunyili, by the northern caucus in the House of Representatives as misplaced.

Noting that Akunyili deserved to be celebrated for  her role in the face of recent challenges in  the nation, Chairman of the group, Mr. Amachree Daobu, also decried the decision by the Governors Forum that  ailing President Yar Adua should remain president while Goodluck Jonathan continued  as acting president of the country as nonsensical.

The group said the decision was a pointer to the fact that the cabal still wanted to continue to hold the nation hostage.
“We can’t continue to dance round a circle as a country. The honourable thing to do at the moment is to ask Yar Adua to resign.

This cabal can wake up one day to say Yar Adua is strong enough to come back whereas he is not and we will find ourselves in another round of tension. “The best thing to do is for Yar Adua to resign and allow the nation move forward.

Where the cabal fails to let him resign, then he should be impeached. The cabal should know that the best way to show love to Yar Adua is to make him give all attention to his health,” the group said.

It also warned aides of the ailing president to be mindful of their actions so they don’t plunge the nation into confusion.
The group noted that it would continue to hold the ailing president in very high esteem because when he was hale and hearty, he showed genuine interest in resolving the Niger Delta question.

“We will continue to respect the ailing president because when it was good with him, he showed clear signs of wanting to address some of the problems of the Niger Delta.

“For instance, what the region could not get through the defunct Political Reform Conference under Obasanjo, he has almost given the region, even if it is yet to be implemented.

“The region struggled for twenty five percent increase in derivation which they could not get. But Yar Adua gave oil producing communities ten percent equity from oil proceeds.  In all, it will be twenty three when they start to implement the ten percent equity. So, the ailing president is a respected Nigerian, his aides should know this”

The group advised aides of the president not to take actions that would rubbish the presidency of Yar Adua in history.


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