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After 5yrs of neglecting you,will you tolerate a hubby who returns with mental illness?

With  Bridget Amaraegbu

Juliet and Charles got married five years ago.  Both were blessed with two kids.  But Charles left  the country in search of greener pasture. While he was away for six months, Juliet was left in the dark as Charles did not leave any forwarding address .  Without words from her man, Juliet gave up hope of seeing Charles. But Charles resurfaced five years later, a different man: Charles was mad!

What would she do? she wondered. Should she forgive him and perhaps, take him back as her repentant husband? Should she turn her back on him forever? After a deep thought,  Juliet took him back  after consulting with her family members who even assisted her to restore Charles’ sanity.

But few weeks after regaining sanity, Charles showed the beast in him, beating her black and blue, and sometimes, forcing his way into her at his own will. He even lost feeling for the children.   Now, Juliet is confused. For love, should she continue to tolerate her man? Should she show him the way out? Should she run away with their kids?  Should she stay in the marriage in compliance with the biblical injunction of  for better, or worse?

As usual,  we’ve spoken to some of our celebrities and they have this to say. Enjoy it and have a fulfilling weekend.

i`ll run away – Elo Obokia, Actress

My dear,  it is first things first..o And I think the first thing to do right now is to run away with my kids so that he’ll not destroy us. It will be useless speaking grammar with such a man like that. So we’ll better run to an unknown destination.

I won’t even advise my enemy to remain in the same house with such a man. Because once the punches start coming, he’ll graduate to throwing stones and possibly bottles at you in due course. Don’t remain in that house for there’s fire on the mountain.

Meanwhile, this man needs prayers more than any other thing for now. I’ll not chase him out of the house because if I do, he may not forgive us when he has repented of his sins. So, I’ll leave him in the house with anything that I can afford for him to take care of himself and continue to pray for him from my destination. Prayers can move mountains but don’t pray foolishly by staying in that same house with him because even the Bible told us not to put the Lord our God to test.

So I cannot continue leaving with him in the same house as long as he beats me, no. Wife battery is not an issue to joke about because anything can happen in the process of throwing those punches.  Let’s not forget that a lot of women have lost their lives in this process.

And if he succeeds in killing her, what happens to their children. My children will come before this man who beats me and who have equally lost interest in them. So, until he becomes normal again, we had better survived without him.

Sue him for damages — Susan Peters, Actress

The next step for me to take at this point will be to sue him for all the damages he has caused me all these years. I don’t understand why some people find joy in abusing their fellow human beings,  especially when it’s between a man and woman. This is an abuse of God’s image because we’re created in the image and likeness of God.

Now,  tell me, is it not enough damage and irresponsibility that he abandoned us for several years? Is it not enough trouble to welcome a mad man and treat him to get well again? What offence  did I commit that I should be used as a punching bag? No, I won’t take it anymore. People like him should be taught a bitter lesson.

Continue to pray for him —Opeyemi Sowunmi, Actress

My dear, love is a very delicate issue because it deals with emotions. So, when things like this happens, it is better to live it in the hand of the Almighty God by praying. He cannot beat me to death, no way. God will not allow that to happen at all.

Remember that this man is also in love with me, which is the reason he located me on his return. So, the only way I can help him is to pray for him and remain with him until God answers my prayers. Marriage should remain at that level of for better, or worse. So, it’s only death that should divide married people and not ill health.

Discharge him immediately —Nkechi, Ononiwu, Publicist

No way, I refuse to accommodate him. The fact that he abandoned us is enough punishment already. Why should I try to multiply my sufferings with his madness. And even if I made the mistake of accommodating him, I’ll discharge him the moment he begins to bully me.

Do I look like a punching bag in anyway? In the past, women have had to go through severe pains in the name of marriage but I don’t think it’s worth it. So, I won’t take it from anybody. I’ll abandon him just like he abandoned me, what nonsense.

I’ll not welcome him in the first place —Toyin Benson, student

Heh! What kind  trouble has this woman put herself into by accommodating a mad man? If she refused to welcome him from his wandering mission, the world would gossip. Now, what can she do?

If I was in her shoes, first, I’ll not welcome him because he abandoned me and our children for so long. Secondly, because I know that it is difficult to cure madness completely. It’s possible that he’s still  beating her because the madness still has some left over in him. I can assure you that it’s only the special grace of God that can heal madness completely. The doctors can only administer medications like they were taught in school but a mad man or woman needs plenty of prayers to recover.


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