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Who is responsible for brand faking in Nigeria?

This question is as important as the food we eat when one feels hungry because brand faking is dangerous and poisonous. It is dangerous in a sense that it throws confusion in the world of product where customers or consumers who had paid for fake products while they thought they paid for original.

It is also poisonous because a lot of people have met their early death after consuming the product they bought at a high cost thinking that such product is original. There are many as I speak that are hospitalised as a result of skin cancer contracted through the use of expired products. Skin diseases abounds everywhere today, some led to many deaths and others suffering from constant usage of fake and expired products bought in the Nigerian market. Who knows who will be the next victim. |

Today, you hardly differentiate fake and original. It was a sad story sometime ago, when a man bought a bottle of Guinness Stout and when he poured the stuff into a glass, it turned out to be bitter-leaf water corked in Guinness stout bottle. Investigations have proved that a lot of fake drugs packaged in original brand packs. It’s worrisome, counting the fact that fake, substandard and expired products are out numbering original. Who is responsible for this menace.

Fake drug is a weapon of mass destruction with mention of “My Pikin” that killed many children without notice when consumed with the aim to cure illness. Fake drug is genocide. The producers should be sentenced to life imprisonment. Human lives are no more safe in the midst of fake and expired products.

Some of these products are imported from Asian countries which affects some original local made goods, while many are produced locally. It affects industries capacity utilisation and when capacity is affected, it leads to manpower downsizing which compounds to poverty problem in the country.

It is something that is disastrous and it affects every segment of the manufacturing industry. It affects industries turn over as the manufacturing sector suffer the heat from time to time. Recently, we have seen the moves made by NAFDAC by procuring equipment that can easily detect fake drugs. We also acknowledge that SON is doing its bits but the problem is beyond both NAFDAC and SON put together.

It cuts across every sector of the economy, from the east to the west, south and north, the song remains the same. However, a lot of Nigerians have questioned the government agencies at our seaports, airports  and other borderlines to explain how secured is our borderlines. Reason been that a lot of these fake and substandard products being paraded in the country today pass through out borderlines where we believed there is security alert.

Too, Nigerians value much goods produced abroad, meanwhile, most of the foreign products are not superior to Nigeria products. We have seen a good number of Chinese and Korea products inferior to Nigeria made ones.


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