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What would you describe as the perfect gift on Valentine’s day?

14th February is celebrated as lovers day in commemoration of Saint Valentine who was killed for performing secret marriages for men and women in love against the orders of Emperor Claudius. This saint is today known as the patron saint of lovers.
Whether sharing of gifts is compulsory on this special day and what that perfect gift should be is our topic for discussion and we have brought for your delight the gifts which some of our celebrities consider perfect for the day.

As you enjoy this piece, don’t forget to show love to someone while you have fun.

Visiting the needy with my partner is a perfect gift — Fragrance, Musician

Valentine’s day is not all about having sensational relationships. I can decide to recap it to mean charity day so that people can have a re -orientation about that day.


I’ll  like to have my man all around me, especially since this year’s celebration falls on a Sunday but it will be nice for us to start our outing by visiting the needy because they’re the one’s who really need love. Besides that, we’ve been having fun before then. So, we must not get carried away with the fact that everybody is having fun. When we’re done with checking out on the less privileged, we can come back to spend the rest of the day together.

I want to visit the less privileged  — Sound Sultan, Musician

Everyday for me is Valentine and so 14th February does not really mean anything to me. That date in my view should be rephrased from lovers day to charity day so that people can dedicate it to putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged.

The biggest thing I want to do that day is to visit the less privileged and I’ll be happy if I can achieve it. I don’t believe in sharing gifts on that day because these are things which you can

Spending the day with him is the gift — Ehi Buckler, Actress

Hanging out with my beloved on that day, I mean visiting places and flaunting our love in the public is one of those gifts. But the perfect gift will be to hold my man in my arms all day, then any other thing can follow later.

The most important thing is that we spend the day together and I’m urging other women to hold their men tight, especially since this special day falls on a Sunday this year. I guess there’ll be no board room meetings to attend anywhere. So, there’ll be no excuses from our partners.

Having my hubby in my arms all day is it — Uche Elendu, Actress

My description of a perfect Valentine’s gift will be to have my hubby in my arms all day. Then do some kind of sight seeing (visit places) together and hangout to share some ice cream together and more.

But it’s so unfortunate that I can’t have all that this year because my hubby is not in town and I’m very busy with my job. So I’ll be celebrating Val’s day with my job but truly there’ll be no better gift than having your beloved in your arms that special day.

I find fulfilment in my job than any gift  — Djinee, Musician

A perfect gift for me this Valentine’s day will just be a ‘perfect get away’ from the hustle and bustle of  the Lagos metropolis. I’m not one of those people expecting rose flowers or interested in hanging out with anyone on that day because I’m supposed to be performing in some shows outside Lagos and I honestly find that more fulfilling than anything else.

I’m going to be working on that day and I thank God that I have a very fulfilling job though it is very demanding.

Putting smiles on under privileged faces — Julius Agwu, Comedian

The perfect gift for me is to visit the less privileged, which is a tradition I started some six years ago. On my birthdays and Valentine’s days, I make sure I visit these people to put some smiles on their faces. But for this year, I’m going to perform this tradition on Thursday because I have to join one of my friends who is having a show in Port Harcourt on Val’s day. So myself and my madam will gather all the gifts we can give to ourselves and deliver them to these less privileged ones among us because we share our love everyday.


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