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On the verge of divorce, your partner suddenly wins N100m jackpot . Will you continue with the suit?

Money answereth all things is a popular biblical saying.  Whether it applies to all is another question. Today, we’re taking a look at the role of money in marriage. Is it possible for money to reverse a divorce decision? This week, as usual, some of our celebrities have done justice to the subject.

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Financial stability is it — Kehinde Olorunyomi, Actress

I’m going to be very realistic in answering this question because I believe it’s a two-way thing. The first one is that if I had wanted to divorce him because of his financial irresponsibility. And now we’re talking about a N100m, then the issue of finance would have been taking care of. So, I’ll discontinue the suit since I’m the one who filled for the divorce, it would have been a different story if he was trying to divorce me.

The truth still remains that many marriages won’t survive without some kind of financial stability. This money which he has just won is something I have prayed for all these years. So, who says I should not enjoy it with him. If I’ve been able to take care of our home with the little I get, why should I not get involved now that the real money has come?

On the other hand, if I filed for divorce because he is a woman batter, criminal, ritualist, yahoo boy or something more serious, nothing will make me change my mind, even if he wins the world. |

Have you not seen where a man beats his wife to death?

If he was beating me and I go back to him because he won a jackpot, don’t you think the beating will increase tremendously? What if he was a ritualist? What is the conviction that he’ll stop the act because of the jackpot? Have you ever wondered why marriages separate because of irreconcilable differences? A lot more could be responsible than we think we know.

Seriously, such amount of  money could be very tempting and some people will not mind discarding the suit, even if they die in the process of enjoying the money.

My mind is made up, simple — Princess, Comedian

It takes so much before couples can begin to think of divorce, they would have experience a lot of problems in their marriage before they can talk about filling for a divorce.

Sincerely, if I have made up my mind on divorce , nothing would change it. Why would I change my mind because money is involved, that
will make me a less responsible human and I say no to that. The truth is that the money might still not make him a better person.

I must get my share — Ruggedman, musician

If  no paper has been filed yet, I’ll hold back enough to get whatever share that comes to me because I’ve been a partner in this marriage, then file for divorce later, more, especially if  lack of money was not my reason for wanting a divorce in the first place.

On the other hand, since I’ve already filed for  divorce, of course, I’ll still get my own share of the money from the court. Yes, I should get something. Didn’t I provide for her while she was my wife? I’ll get a lawyer to make that possible.

More especially, if my lawyer is able to put her in my shoes to prove the point. Is marriage not for better or worse?

Money’s not marriage — Dickson Iroegbu, Movie director

Money’s not Marriage.  If it wasn’t working without the100m, it won’t still work, even with it. So I’d prefer to take a walk far away. It will be useless trying to cancel the suit because it just won’t even with all the money in the world.

What will it Profit a man to eat 100m and not have peace after all  the suit must have been filled for some serious reasons so I’ll go ahead with it.

Money’s not basis of marriage — Fredrick Okoh, Event planner

How much is N100million that I should not divorce her? It’s because our people are poor that we think it is so much money. Tell me, will Aliko Dangote cancel a divorce suit because his wife won a lottery of  N100million?

Money should not be the basis of any marriage. Once the major ingredients of marriage which include love, respect and trust have gone soar,  then no amount of money will make it better.

If she was nasty, the money will only make her a more nasty woman, especially if she knows that I’m cancelling the suit for her money.

We must enjoy it together — Femi Anthony, Artist

Ah! I’ll not…o. I’ll go back to the court and tell them that I never planned to divorce her, in fact I’ve never filed any suit to divorce her.
If they ever saw me in their court then it would have been under spell because we must spend the money together, we got married for better, for worse. Now that the better has come , we must enjoy it together.

The money won’t do magic — Amaka Nwankwo, Event planner

My dear, if I’ve made up my mind to divorce him, then nothing will stop it. Remember that most divorce suits are not filed because of poverty, in fact it’s the rich and educated people that file for divorce. Poor are comfortable with whatever they can get to feed their family.

If he was beating me before the 100million came, will he stop? What if he gets the money and refuses to give me, will I kill him?If my mind is made up for divorce before he wins his lottery, I’ll go ahead and divorce him, simple.

Withdraw the suit at once — Blac Jay, Musician

I’ll withdraw the suit immediately because our marriage can be better with so much money, N100m is no small  money you know.
Happiness would have returned to our home, how can my wife be carrying so much money and I still go ahead to divorce her, am I mad?
With so much money love can be so sweet, don’t ask me what will happen when the money finishes.


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