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Iloh calls for re-awakening of cycling

By Ebun Babalola
Former President of the Cycling Federation of Nigeria, Rev. Moses Iloh, has called on government, both at the federal and state levels, to see the need of investing more in cycling and giving it the mileage it deserves.

According to him, cycling in Nigeria is in limbo, saying that there is need for quick re-awakening of the sport. “Although, it is very expensive to run, I believe government should set priorities more on cycling because, it is an avenue that would promote the economy of the country.

However, he lamented the corruption that is going on in the sporting industry and called on concerned individuals to resist such act.

“Every six months, independent auditors should audit the industry and punish every traitor. Unless these set of people are embarrassed, they won’t stop stealing the money meant for sports.

It is a serious crime, like bank robbery,” he said. He also called for an enabling environment for people to be able to invest in sports. “There should be a law, that every local government in Nigeria should have a sporting facility of its own and it must be of Olympic standard, so that any Nigerian youth who wants to play would be able to locate his own sporting area.”

“The problem is greed, lack of patriotism and negativity. Everyone is going in for what he or she would get. Whereas that wasn’t what obtained in our time. When we were invited, we developed the sport and got sponsors,” he added.
He advised both the government and private organisations to invest more in youth development.

“The policy should no longer be sports development but development of youth through sports,” he said, adding that every sporting federation in Nigeria should be compelled to have a board of advisers, volunteers who have been involved in sports and have a knowledge of the profession.


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