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If your spouse sneaks out on Valentine’s eve only to return next week, will you call it quits?

Celebrations always come with different kinds of aftermath and Lovers day (14th February) is not left out as various complaints on disappearance of spouses during the celebration kept knocking on our door. If you had your spouse by your side through out the celebration then you should count yourself lucky because the story was different for some other people. What will be your reaction if your spouse disappears on Valentines eve only to return some few days later? Will you call it quit or allow the sleeping dog to lie? Read on and find out the reactions of some of our celebrities.

A frustrating experience it is — Queen Nwokoye

When something like this happens, it will not be wise to take a hasty decision because a lot of things could have gone wrong within this short period. It’s possible that he was kidnapped, lost his phones or had to attend to something very urgent that he even forgot to tell me.  So the best thing will be to hear him out and from whatever his explanations are, I should be able to detect whether he’s telling the truth or not.

Again, the possibility that he went to spend time with another woman cannot be ruled out because the human mind is very deceptive. But I ask myself what could my man possibly be looking for in another woman  that I do not have,  and to make it more difficult, his phones were switched off which is also a confirmation that he’s engaged in very funny act.

Couples are supposed to share love every day but whether we agree or not, there’s something about 14th February that tells us that love is in the air and everybody wants to share the day with their beloved. Some people spend the day exchanging gifts, others prefer to  visit the less privileged and others just want to hang out or go to the beach. These are little things that do not cost so much but mean so much to lovers.

So if my man disappears on the eve of Valentine, who will I do all these things with?  Let me be blunt, it will be a very frustrating experience to know that he’s not there to spend a day like that with me.

No, I’ll forgive her— Koffi, Comedian

Mhen! If she disappear for Valentine eve, I go disappear follow am simple. My spouse cannot disappear on a day like that. Why would she do a thing like that? Where else would she like to stay if not in my arms?

But if anything like that should happen, I’ll surely take her back because the fact that she reappeared means she’s still in love with me.

I’ll forgive her because a lot of other people’s girlfriends and wives disappeared like that and never came back. Besides,   the principle of heaven encourages us to forgive one another as many times as possible. So I’ll forgive her, not minding wherever she may have been all this while.

It won’t be a bad idea — D Crow, Musician

It will be difficult for me to believe whatever story that she’ll be giving as excuses for disappearing on that very day only to reappear some few days later.

First and foremost, there was communication gap. If she was attending to any official or family matter, I should be in the know. Communication, we all know is a major ingredient in any relationship. And the mere fact that she switched off her phone lines or  refused to pick my calls is a major  concern.Secondly, it could also be seen as another way of telling me that I’m not good enough for her which is also not good for me as a man. So if she has found another man that is better than myself, it won’t be bad to let her have him.

I’ll take a walk or a break — Oby Edozien, Actress

Anyway,  mine did not disappear. We were together. But if anything like that should happen, I’ll take it that he went to spend time with someone else who is probably better than myself. So there are only two things I can do at this point. The first one is, take a walk and the second one will be to ask him for a break so as to clear my head and think about all the excuses he’ll give. This will enable me to know what action to take because taking a rash decision on the spot may never be the best.

She should go from there — Nicolas Bamidele

It will be better for me if she never comes back to me because there’s definitely no excuse that will be enough  for her to disappear on a day like that in the first place. If she was going for any formal occasion, then she should have told me about it.
The fact that she didn’t inform me and I could not possibly reach her on phone meant she was with another man whom I consider better than myself.

He’s fake — Ronke Johnson

14th February does not really mean that every boyfriend and girlfriend or couples must have sex but the mere fact that he calls himself my lover makes it necessary that I should know his whereabouts.
If he disappears only to return after Valentine’s day, I’ll take it that he’s fake because he wasn’t able to prove all the love he had professed all these while. Honestly, I’ll feel disappointed that he left me alone on a day that… I’m sorry to say that it may lead to the end of the relationship.


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