Law & Human Rights

February 18, 2010

CAC Director’s death : Family tasks law enforcement agencies

By Abdulwahab Abdulah

The family of the late Assistant Director of the  Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, Abuja. Mr Abuabakar Abba Umar who was shot and set ablaze by some unknown assailants in Abuja,  has offered to pay N10 million to anyone who could provide information that can lead to the arrest of those behind the killing.

The family of the late Umar is offering the sum in an effort to assist the law enforcement agencies in apprehending his killers. Abuabakar Abba Umar until his death was an Assistant Director and the Special Assistant to the Registrar General at the Corporate Affairs Commission Abuja. Mr Umar was also a board member of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

According to his family, Umar was trailed by his assailants on November 11, 2009 who shot him and burnt him in his Toyota Camry car. An autopsy carried out at the National Hospital, Abuja revealed a bullet wound in his skull.

Initially, the police believed that it was an accident. However, after the autopsy report was released, some suspects were arrested but no breakthrough was made in finding his killers.

In a tribute by one of his colleagues, Farouk Ibrahim, he said that “Abubakar Abba Umar had his life gruesomely terminated at the age of 42.  Not only was the way he died unique but his entire life had taken a unique pattern. He was murdered on November 11, 2009 at Utako District in Abuja.

His killers were not content with fracturing his skull with a bullet, they also used a special incendiary material to burn him inside his car. What remained was barely ashes and pieces of crumbling bones.  “Abba, as he was called by friends and family members, was an example of an exceptionally gifted, honest and hard-working individual.

Although he was the first law student to graduate with a first class in the faculty at the University of Maiduguri in 1992, he never attended primary or secondary school.