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Anger is manifestation of brain disorder, says expert

The need for people to understand the vital role the brain plays in their lives as well as care for it was at the front burner at a one day workshop in Lagos organsied by Venivici Health Spain.

Consultant Neurologist & Homoeopath, Dr. Abayomi Aiyesomoju of  Healthville Medical Consultant Clinic & Holistic Medical Centre who spoke on “Care of the Brain” said despite the major function performed by the brain, little or no attention is paid to its welfare.

Aiyesomoju explained that the brain is considered the control centre of the body with the nervous system acting as the highway, delivering messages from the brain to different parts of the body; but unfortunately research has shown poor alttitude of people to their brains.

He lamented that people pay lip service when they say the brain is king since they care more of  other parts of the body than they care for their brains.

Noting that the brain is the organ of the body cared for, he explained that the state of the brain at any point in time influences the thought patterns, memory level, mood swing, and attitude; all of which in the long run determines man’s success or failure in life.

Aiyesimoju  further  noted that uncontrollable anger, depression, anxiety, memory problem and moodiness are all manifestations of brain disorder. “With the numerous functions performed by the brain, the need to care for the brain cannot be overemphasized. Basically, living a healthy lifestyle is a crucial way of caring for the brain. Sleeping well, eating well, staying fit, drinking in moderation, and taking routine precautions are significant ways of caring for the brain”

He encouraged participant at the workshop to increase their water intake, restrict calories intake, take a lot of fish oils, avoid refined sugars, take lots of fruits, vegetables and berries, sleep well, socialize, and embrace a positive and healthy lifestyle as tips of caring for their brain.

Ms. Arinola Adeniyi, Chief Executive Officer of Venivici Health Spa noted that the essence of the workshop is to help create individuals who live healthy lives hence creating a healthier society.


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