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Andy Uba and the moral burden of PDP and Soludo

I HAVE watched with curious amazement the game of the musical chair being played out by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over its standard bearer for the February 6 Anambra State gubernatorial elections.

It is ludicrous watching the party defend the shenanigans that threw up Prof. Charles Chukwuma Soludo as its standard bearer for the elections. Since 1999 when we began the current democracy journey, the PDP has continually assailed our sensibilities with bad behaviour and willfully corrupted the social and moral fabrics of our body polity with impunity. Why would a party collect millions of naira from guber aspirants and turn round to deny them the chance of testing their popularity at the party primaries.

Democracy does not flow from top to bottom, it flows from the grassroots up the ladder. The way and manner, Soludo was imposed on the party is undemocratic and insensitive. Mrs. Farida Waziri of the EFCC has a job to do in this case of obtaining money under false pretence (419), unless PDP is ready to refund the money it collected from the aspirants having failed to conduct the primaries.

The party cannot claim to have integrity when it is still holding on to the money it collected from aspirants. Good conduct and governance are best defined by equity and justice. What informed the choice of Soludo’s over the unarguably better qualified aspirants some of whom have laboured to establish the party in Anambra State over the past 10 years? Soludo may be very tall in learning but what of character?

How do we explain the rot in the banking industry, and the collapse of banking equities in the capital market under his very nose and watch as the CBN Governor? It is either he was an accomplice in the bizarre rape of depositors and shareholders or he was incompetent. These credentials are not worthy of celebrations.

Coming to Dr. Andy Uba, I still do not understand why PDP did not give him the first option of refusal as was done to all the party’s standard bearers whose elections were annulled by the courts. PDP has shown absolute bad faith in its relationship with Andy Uba by abandoning him at his trying moments. Most times I wonder what goes on in the minds of our leaders when they mete out vicious injustice to people.

Here was a man who served the President of Nigeria and then leader of the party with undiluted loyalty for good eight years and had since 2007 single-handedly delivered Anambra State to PDP in all elections. I do not know how Prince Vincent Ogbulafor and his National Working Committee reward undiluted loyalty. Definitely the injustice meted out to Andy Uba begs to high heaven and God for redress.

Now that Andy Uba is flying the flag of the Labour Party, it may well be that the crucible of the furnace of injustice which he suffered in PDP will bring justice to Anambra State and her people through the party. We saw it in Ngige, the other time; I am sure we shall see it in Andy Uba this time.

The only way to stop injustice is to fight it. In the  inimitable words of Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka: “A man dies in all who keep quiet in the face of tyranny (injustice)”, because sooner than later he will join the growing list of victims.

All lovers of justice and equity should support Andy Uba. The march to freedom has just begun.

Mr. Moneke, a Quantity surveyor and economist, writes from Lagos.


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