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2010: Okafor’s fears on foreign coach

By Onochie Anibeze
Uche Okafor could no longer keep his thoughts to himself following the direction the engagement of a foreign coach for Nigeria was taking. The ex-international spoke from his US base yesterday:

Eagles struggling with other players

“I think that we are getting a few things wrong about this foreign coach matter. I’m monitoring events in Nigeria and my opinion is that we should consider our own football culture and that of the coaches we are considering. By this I mean the way we play. The systems in England and Germany do not always fit into ours.

The approach is different. That’s why I may not subscribe to coaches from these countries. “If you consider the way we play then you will find out that we will always be better off with coaches from Holland, France or Spain. We could have players playing in England but once they regroup as Nigerians they don’t play the way they play in England. I think we are always better with a little bit of Dutch football or a mix of it with our own.

I’m not predicting that an English coach will fail but I strongly think that we are better off with Dutch, French or Spanish styles. I also think that we should  hire a coach who will stay after the World Cup and begin his own programme.”

Minutes after Okafor finished airing his views, Nwabufo Obienu, former NFA vice chairman, was on line, from Enugu,  to express fears about the possible coach of the Nigerian team:“Hoddle is one of those being considered. He does not have an African experience. Djukovic is a gentleman and does not


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