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EPCDI picks holes in the activities of Anambra Police

The  Executive Director of  the  anti-poverty organization, Empowerment Plus Citizens Development Initiative (EPCDI), Mr Nelson Ilodigwe, has accused Police in Anambra State of not being above board in their activities in the state and thereby fueling social vices in the state.

According to Mr Nelson, efforts have being made to bring this to the notice of the Inspector General of Police, Mr Ogbonaya Onovo and Anambra State Governor, Mr Peter Obi..

EPCDI is an NGO that ”provide  poor families with the best foundation they can have for achieving not only lasting recovery from poverty but  importantly, a better way of living a successful and joyous life”. But according to Mr Nelson ,the activities of police  have  negatively undermine this objective and posed a serious threat to the overall mission of EPCDI in Anambra State.

According to the Executive Director, ”we can no longer stomach nor tolerate the windfall and basket of this lawlessness from the very apparatus meant to maintain law and order. Police activities have exposed the perennial ailing conscience of a troubled nation.”

How can these activities continue unchecked”?   Mr Ilodigwe further complained that the activities of police in Anambra State have been hampering the activities of the NGO in the state .According to him ”our failure to oblige their demand has led to many instances of harassment, intimidation, and coercion.  Delaying our vehicles under the pretext of one paper or the other not being correct cannot be reasonably explained, unless money is extorted.”
Mr Ilodigwe is therefor appealing to the Inspector General of Police to ”do something about police excesses.”

The role of your men in promoting social vices has become an unbearable concern to EPCDI and a serious threat to lives in Anambra State. It might interest you to know that those vices have contributed immensely in perpetuating poverty and misery in Anambra State.

“Our mission of empowering most at_risk families to break the cycle of poverty and become self_sufficient, contributing members of their society” is being derailed by the activities of policemen in Anambra State.  EPCDI felt there is need to hold your men accountable’‘.


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