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Unions urge CBN to stop casual labour in banks

THE two unions in the nation’s banking sector, the National Union of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions Employees (NUBFIE) and its Association of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions (ASSBIFI) counterpart, have called on the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), to direct the banks to stop casualisation of workers and other forms of unfair labour practices in the industry.

They made the call during a stakeholders meeting initiated  by the Minister of Labour to address the looming industrial unrest in the sector because of the ongoing mass sack by the banks, NUBIFIE and ASSBIFI, also called on the CBN to prevail on the banks to halt unrealistic target setting in the industry.

The two unions lamented that the unreasonable target that is set for workers is one of the reasons for the mass sack.

Speaking, General Secretary of NUBIFIE, Comrade Segun Ola, accused the CBN of instigating the mass sack in the industry and posited that the letter written to banks to sack workers was indeed written by the CBN.

According to him: “We are in custody of the letter and the CBN cannot say it only wrote that letter to the Intercontinental Bank. The banks did not follow due process . . The national bodies were not contacted to discuss the modalities for the lay-off.  Section 20 of the Labour Act stipulates that if you are going to sack more than two or  three  workers, then you must engage the bodies to discuss that and that was not done.”

CDWR tasks unions on retrenchment in banks

THE Campaign for Democratic and Workers’ Rights (CDWR), has called on organised labour in the country to stand up and defend the rights of banks’ workers who are currently  been victimised through mass sack and other form of abuses.

In a statement  by Comrades Rufus Olusesan and Victor Osakwe, Chairman and Secretary respectively, the group lamented that the mass sack had already claimed not fewer than 15,000 direct and indirect jobs.

According to the statement: “The crisis being experienced in the banking sector like in other sectors of the economy is inevitable since banking operation is exclusively under the control and management of tiny privileged persons who carry out activities at the expense of depositors and the general public.  The CDWR hereby calls for the nationalization of the banks and other financial institutions  to be placed under democratic control and management of workers and depositors.

We also call on all banks that are involved in the mass sack to immediately recall all affected workers and cut down the privileges of top management staff including the bank chiefs, which will entail placing them on the average wage of a skilled worker in order to reduce cost. It also entails making those who directly or indirectly are responsible for the  state of the banks to pay.  Beyond mere statements, the National Union of Banks, Insurance and Allied Financial Institution Employees (NUBIFIE), Association of Senior Staff of Banks, Insurance and allied Financial Institutions (ASSBIFI) and the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) should immediately intervene in this crisis with the aim of reinstating the sacked workers and forestall similar occurrence in the coming period.”

TUC urges Governors  to check sectarian violence

TRADE Union Congress of Nigeria (TUC), has called on  the governors of the northern states to take the issue of security of lives of our citizens very serious, in the wake of the listing of Nigeria among the terrorist countries, lamenting that between 2008 and now over a 1000 innocent souls were lost during senseless religious riots.

In a statement by its President-General and Secretary-General, Comrade Peter Esele and Chief John Kolawole, advised the country to  look at our shortcomings in the nation that might have prompted the listing of the country as a terrorist country, stressing that, “the gradual decay in our educational sector which has resulted in our children traveling abroad for educational pursuits. If care is not taken, the absurd may happen where we start sending our kids abroad for kindergarten schooling.  The matter is even made worse because not a single person has been prosecuted nor is there any evidence to show that the various security agencies have learnt any lesson from all these killings and riots.”

“In line with this, the Congress demands that the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Ogbonna Onovo, and all security forces should arrest, re-arrest, and prosecute all those identified to have participated in any way in religious riots that have become the order of the day in the northern states of the country.

Fundamental religious sects such as Boko Haram, the Taliban and Al-qaeda styled groups that have gained foothold in Nigeria, thereby making Africa’s most populous country a theatre of sectarian violence should be identified and flushed out.


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