Professor Nduka Eya, is the Secretary -General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and he describes the development as unfortunate:

It’s unfortunate that the matter has dragged  on indefinitely . This issue should have been solved earlier but they allowed it to drag and that has left us more confounded .

BBC gave us a voice. We want to believe it was indeed the voice of President Yar’Adua but when is he coming back? The nation should not be left  in a vacuum.

The reason we have a VP is to fill this kind of vacuum. The VP is being put in jeopardy. Hawks in the polity are setting him up to be impeached. They are setting traps for him.

Nigerians have  the right to know what is going on with their President. There are unavoidable speculations and you cannot blame anybody for imagining things.

Nigeria is not a private property. We, the people own the constitution and the nation.

Is the constitution working? Is the nation working? I think they are setting up the VP so as to find a way to impeach him if he oversteps his boundaries. It’s politics but Nigerians have the mandate.

Nigerians shouldn’t wait for the politicians to manipulate the process. This is not right. Nigeria is ours. We want the government to tell us what is happening and put things in order. If things are not put in order, we, the people will say no.

There was a protest march and a counter march  by youths who we are trying to secure their future. They support Yar”Adua to continue. It is not about supporting Yar’Adua.  We all supported him and voted for him but we know his circumstances and we want a change. But they are looking for scape goat. Youths are marching in support of the President and to counter the protest march of the civil society groups. It is the same youth whose future we are trying to secure. It  is not right.

The polity is being kept abeyance.

The National Assembly should empower the VP. They have started doing something, sending a delegation to Saudi Arabia and this is what they should have done three weeks after the President traveled . There must be a change. Someone must be in control.

The president is not thinking about his office  now  but is thinking about his health. But we have a VP who should have been empowered to sign the budget and do what the president ought to be doing and is not doing due to ill health.

Nigeria is on the terrorist watch list. Why should Nigeria be in this situation?  But instead of looking at ourselves, looking for a way to make things better, we are taking on America.

America  only put us in   theirwatch list  for maybe  three to  six months. after which they would delist us .But we are not looking for a way out. We are confirming their fears with our utterances  and we have had sectarian/ ethnic  crisis and we are  behaving like Muttalab. We should address issues and leave scape goats alone.

We are also labeled the happiest people in the world  because nothing bothers us and that is a wrong approach. We should not blame America for blacklisting us, we should work on our psyche and change our attitude to issues

Stop playing politics with this matter – Gen Haruna, ACF, Chairman

Stop playing politics with this matter— Gen Haruna, ACF, Chairman

IBM Haruna, rtd,  is the Chairman of Arewa Consultaive Forum, ACF, and he urges for constitutional solution :

The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,  Section 144-145 empowers the Federal Executive Council, FEC, under the leadership of the Vice President to write a letter which would be sent to the national assembly to make a resolution as to whether the VP should exercise acting powers of the president. It’s better to be law-abiding than playing politics about this.

I have heard the argument of whether members of the Federal Executive Council are elected or not but that is immaterial. The constitution recognises them. They are the ones to make a resolution and pass  it to the National Assembly.

The senators know this truth but if the senate president says otherwise, then he  is playing politics. Our worry is that they should not play their politics to the detriment of the nation.

Count me out — Nwite

Senator Polycarp Nwite is thePolitical Adviser to President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua and he says he should be left out of the controversy :

I have said it many times that I’m  not a Medical Adviser but a Political Adviser. The section of the Constitution being quoted provided that the President must leave a note to empower the VP. When the president traveled , he did not leave any note.

As it is, I cannot say whether he can continue or not. The President believes in the rule of law and the matter was taken to court . I spoke with him and we discussed matters. So, what are we saying?


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