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Show Dem is about youth empowerment – SDC

By Lolade Sowoolu

They’ve been abroad for not less than a decade each. Armed with two singles causing ripples across Nigerian radio waves, and two albums on the way, Ghost and Tec, the rap duo who make up Show Dem Camp (SDC), have decided to take the Nigerian music scene by storm.

Combining influences by Jay-Z, Nas and Tupac, the duo now resident in Nigeria explain where they’re coming from, where they’re headed and why they should be taken seriously.

Ghost – I’m Olumide Ayeni from Osun state. I go by the stage name ‘Ghost’. I grew up in Lagos till I was about 13. I attended Atlantic Hall before going to finish my secondary school in the UK (United Kingdom). I went to Coventry for a year studying Law but I didn’t like it. I partied a bit then I went to American Intercontinental University where I finished my degree in Business and Marketing.
Tec – My name is Wale Davies. I go by the stage name ‘Tec’ in Show Dem Camp. I’m from Lagos state. I was in Kings’ College and then Atlantic Hall. I left Nigeria after SS1 to study abroad. Initially, I went to study in the Republic of Ireland in Dublin and then Coventry University in the UK where we (Ghost and Tec) met as adults.

I studied Business with IT for about two years but similarly to him (Ghost), I didn’t like the course so I changed and graduated at Brighton University studying Business with Law. I moved back to Nigeria about two years ago. That’s always been the plan- to come back to Nigeria after education. We’ve been doing music for a while. I was only 17 when we met at Coventry.

After we left the university, we were still doing music together but we weren’t taking it seriously. We kept recording though, and e-mailed tracks back and forth to each other.

Did you ever try out a corporate job?

Tech – I was influenced by people to pursue a life in the corporate world and got a job in a large organisation from UK to work in Amsterdam. So, I did that for about a year or two before quitting. I was only getting financial fulfilment on the job. I wasn’t happy working in the finance department. It was boring. So when Dojoes Entertainment invited me to come on board during the 2Face and Friends MTN Extra Cool tour in Nigeria, I welcomed it.

Ghost was already a part of it (the company) and there were two other people. I have always wanted to be my own boss and direct my destiny and Dojoes gave me an opportunity to do that.

Why did you decide to go commercial with music?

It was after the tour that we decided to use the platform- Dojoes, to take our music to the next level. I (Tech) have a bit of music experience in the UK. I was signed to a record label as song writer and artiste but it didn’t work out well and that’s one of the reasons I wanted to own my own record label. Our label’s called ‘Show Dem Records’.

Why Show Dem?

For Show Dem and Dojoes, our main ethos is about youth empowerment, showing people what you believe in and making a success out of it(your dream). So we’re showing off to our friends, family, Nigerians and the world.
Lets talk about your singles and the response they’re generating on radio.

There are two of them. One is ‘Tell Me something’ and the other is ‘Yawa on the dance floor’. They’ve been on radio about four to five months and the response has been amazing. Yawa’s a party track while the other’s a slow track. We put both out on air at the same time because we didn’t really know how people would react. But the response’s been huge and even among our peers, many commend us and suggest that we collaborate sometimes later.

What’s the long term plan?

We want to grow SDC into a global brand.

How do you plan to do that?

We ‘re working on two projects now. The first is the ‘Dreamer’ album. It’s a collaborative effort where we picked out a few people whom we can relate to their struggles and how they’ve fought for what they believe. We’ve collaborated with the likes of 2Face, M.I, Sound Sultan and Nneka. Aside from the established artistes, we’re also working with a lot of up and coming talents as well. It’s like ‘Show Dem Camp and Friends’. The next project is the ‘Memoirs’.

It’s  a collection of our experiences in life up till this point. It’s pretty much about Ghost and Tec.

And how far have you gone on the projects?

‘Dreamer’s going to have about 14 tracks and there’s just one track left to go. It should drop soon but ‘Memoirs’ would be our master piece.

What’s your Unique Selling Point?

Our lyric is different from the norm obtainable in Nigeria. Again, there’s a lot of innovation. We wouldn’t want to be in the same lane with anybody. We’ll just be the best that SDC can be.

What are your chances?

We believe and are 110 per cent confident that once we put out the music, there’ll be global acceptance. We’re an innovative brand and this reflects in our music.

Any videos in line?

We shot the video for ‘Tell Me Nothing’. It was directed by Dayo Oyedele and it will be on mainstream Tv channels in a couple of weeks. It’s on-line at the moment and the comments by viewers on ‘youtube’ ( a video website) say that our style’s different. It’s not about following trends. We’re the Show Dem Camp.


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