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Responses for “The Obama theory of war”

By Owei Lakemfa

DR. Deji Yusuf:
A good piece.My heart bleed as I just read about a Nigerian attempt at blowing up an AIRCAFT over the US. These usually provide excuse for the hardliners on both side of the divides who mark you don’t mind working together albiet temporarily to render havock and justify their wicked stand.

They know and have access to themselves like Cliton recent N/korean trip or Blair Mideast envoyage.The former rebel Islamic leader in Somalia suddenly surpported as president. To avoid being a porn you have to look critically or you may be tool against the very idea you stand for.

When it serve their need the West in many of the colonies had undermined their supposed ‘Christian’ friends to hand over power to their ‘Muslim’ colleagues as in Nigeria, Sudan, Morroco etc. only  to turn back and villify them. Even at that they never give enough backing  to break free of oppression.

The Masters are the ones that created AL-Qaeda for the suppressed and impoverised ‘Muslim,’ the Lord’s army  for ‘Christians’ and freedom/human right fighters for others. The bottom line  is create and sustain hatred among the people and cart away their wealth while they are at war and the left over them can manage.


In the cold war days, Owei Lakemfa would be tagged a communist by neocolonialist vested interests in Nigeria and abroad. It was their own way of creating the uni-polar view of world politics and the manipulation  of foreign policies of many nations who look up to America and the West.

With the result that an unconscious uni-polarism is a challenge to most African intellectuals, to the point that we have refused to build an intellectual tradition to challenge or least rival that of the East and the West. What  Mr. Lakemfa has clearly shown here is that these things can be done and it is about time our elite begin to spot those who can, not for elimination, but for encouragement and for elevation to our avante garde or senior policy positions.

Clearly our vested  interests as a people, as a nation and even as a race of blacks ought to be best defined and marketed by our 1st eleven not  our 7th eleven as is currently the case.

Mr. Lakemfa, your article has the quality of facts and the refreshment of truth in our world of half-truths and professional make-belief. Keep it up.

Folarin Saheed:
Its a wonderful piece.
The U.S. foreign policies only satisfy those governments that follow America’s lead and dictatorial rules.
While Abacha was killing and miming every oppostiton in Nigeria,it enjoyed tremendous patronage fom the American Government or better still the U.S. looked the other way as they get steady and uncalculated crude oil from Nigeria.

U.S. is pushing for World’s democracy but the same nation overthrew democratically elected governments in other countries which reject U.S. overbearing influence.
It is America’s new way of enslaving the world.

Karen Devane:
This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I enjoy seeing websites that understand the value of providing a prime resource for free. I truly loved reading your post. Thanks!

Zulu1 :
Poor Nigerians trying to better and interfere in worldy affairs when they can’t  even feed their explosive population….it’s just pathetic to see a country thinking they have some influence because God gave them some oil ( and it’s not even being distributed to the real population of the Delta )…..No wonder you have friends such as Chavez and Mbeki…

Responses for “John Brown: 150 years later”

Ayobami Unaab, Nigera:

Kudos! You have done a great work in rallying to us a great hero.more of it

Omon Merry Osiki, China :
I appreciate your discourse on John Brown. He was such a brave man and suporter of the cause of the blacks! He is a HERO that every freedom fighter must emulate. He is a GREAT man and not the father of terrorists. His place in history is assured forever.

Kedu :
To all Tigers this man later became what is known as the equal justice crusader and we took up his honour . He’s called domcat brown too. respect …Nigeria need  men like this


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