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Responses for “Nigerian gemstone to be launched in Hollywood Diezani”

Goodman says:
Great thought if the launch would transform to hard currency to the Nigerian state. Gush! May it not be another jamboree or gimmick. Or just seeking relevance, eh?

Akin says:
Guys, give the poor woman a break. How else will she claim relevance in the grand scheme if she doesn’t occasionally play such jingles? And look at the bright side; Oprah may eventually buy Nigerian beads. Abi no be beads we wan go sell?

Sharon Eto says:
Of what benefit is this to the economy? Maybe it’s another time to shed more of those crocodile tears as usual.
Don Kpaj says:

Really,Nigeria has gemstones.since when?why then have we depended on oil like sick wack job depends on drug to survive.i weep for this nation.all i have to do is do my own possible best.good luck Nigeria on your Hollywood prowl.


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