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Responses for “6000MW: FG fails to deliver”

Emeka says:
Right from his days in BPE/NERC, Lanre has always been a cool, calm and calculated fellow. He worked tirelessly hard during the privatization and reform process. However, there’s a great difference between theories, practicality and actual implementation.

Lanre as a Nigerian meant well for the country, but was pushed by the lieu of a Ministerial to accept the burden of helping the Yar’Adua’s government wake up from their slumber, and mismanagement of the financing of the NIPP and other power projects Obasanjo left for Yar’Adua to complete.

He probably felt that by setting and pushing the 6000mw target he would be accomplishing a great feet. Now he has learnt that “there’re things they don’t teach you in Harvard, rather experience of the greatest teacher.”

Lanre should have acted with decrement, listened to the words of wisdom of the former PHCN management team he sacked. He should have restrained himself from the desire of recalling his main pals and appointing them to the position of Executive Directors. Now we’re in December, he has failed the nation, there’s no 6000 mw.

The problem of gas supply had existed during Obasanjo’s tenor, continued and even got worse before Lanre’s appointment as a Minister. He did not exhibit wisdom in making that empty promise of 6000 mw, neither has this administration taken any positive step in moving towards solving the problem of gas by developing any of our coal fields for power generation.

However, Nigerians should keep faith not with Lanre, or Yar’Adua, but with our huge financial resources that this government is spending to complete what Obasanjo started. Someday, Nigeria will get to sincerely generate, transmit and distribute REAL 6000 mw, which definitely will not come during Lanre or Yar’Adua’s tenure.

One thing that bothers me most is the fact that the Nigerian power team still finds it very difficult to predict the nation’s actual consumption capacity.

Nigeria conservatively needs more than 30,000 mw, PHCN and Ministry of power don’t have the data, figures and information to accurately ascertain and manage our power system, it’s just a case of blind men running and misleading a blind minister, as such the blunder by Lanre that our consumption is within the region of 4000 mw.

Lanre’s Executive Director mismanaged the implementation of the prepaid meter system, was relieved of his job, Lanre brought him back, elevated him, so has no option than to work within a failed system and will end up as a failure.
Akin says:

No Nigerian was ever fooled by the promise of 6,000 mw. What is surprising to me is that the minister would start singing the song of what we know so early in the year! I expected the song to start in January 2010 with promises of actualising the ‘dream’ in 2010 budget.

Don’t worry, HONOURABLE MINISTER, power generation has improved in the ministerial villa because someone has to make sure that your generator is on, but I can tell you that it has negatively improved in the rest of Nigeria.

Max says:
The cock and bull story of politicians has started again.
They said 6000MW by december 2009, now they are giving the definition of actual 6000MW and factual 6000MW.
Bottom line: They tried o but they still failed and they must accept that!!!
Anjie Erastus says:

it is very real that some of us were already expecting the super story which nigeria will bring at the end of day they only concerntrate only on were they we source directly from the poor people but not for the benifit of the less previllage my people make every body buy and service his generator very well


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