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Residents of Oshodi Commend Police for low crime rate during Xmas/New Year

Residents of Oshodi, a  popular cosmopolitan trading centre in Lagos State have expressed happiness with the low crime rate recorded during the Christmas and new year periods.

Some of the residents who spoke with Crime Guard expressed surprise that the area, known for its ever-increasing crime rate, witnessed a relatively low crime, a feat they attributed to the new crop of police personnel posted to the area by Police authorities before the festive periods.

Those interviewed stated unequivocally that the new strategies in Policing noticed in the area will definitely wipe out the notoriety associated with the area if the trend continues.  Below are the comments of those that bared there minds to Crime Guard;

(1)    Magnus Leonard Ezeani (Businessman)
The crime situation has improved tremendously.  The nature of Oshodi and its environs where you have a lot of area boys, with many exit and entry points, the area is prone to crime.  Unlike in the past, we witnessed calmness especially during the just ended festive periods.   I know people must be asking thee magic wand that transformed Oshodi taking cognisant of the fact that it has been a very notorious place.

Personally, I am still wondering how the feat was performed.  Perhaps, it may be associated with the new changes on the hierarchy of the Police in the area. In the past we have been seeing hell here.   I have been living in Oshodi for the past fifteen years and I cannot remember a festive period that was as low in crime like this year.

My investigations revealed that the changes in the Police hierarchy at Makinde is responsible for that.   What we are presently seeing is like a miracle not magic.  This is because sometimes, magic fail.    We have seen an increase in the number of Police patrols both on foot and with vehicles.

Unlike in the past when many of us fell victims to unnecessary harassment and intimidation by the police at Makinde, the reverse is turning out to be the case.  I pray and hope the tempo will be sustained.   They should not relent because the bad guys are still there monitoring them.

(2)   Mrs. Chi-Chi Duru, operator of Dynamic Cool Spot at Makinde
The reduction in crime we are presently witnessing is miraculous.  Formerly, those of us that operate drinking joints are the worst hit as all sorts of area boys and hoodlums always held sway in every nook and cranny of Oshodi.  But now, we are seeing a different thing.

The one that particularly shocked me was the way residents of the area, both the old, young, rich and poor enjoyed themselves during the last festive period.  In the past, especially on the night of 31st of every year, we always live with fear of invasion and attacks by area boys and hoodlums.

They usually hold sway in the entire vicinity and each year, deaths were recorded.  However, 31st night of last year was an exception.  We saw policemen led by their Divisional Officer patrolling all the nooks and corners of Mafoluku, Oshodi.

I was surprised that in the morning, stories of one tragic incident or the other were not heard.  I feel the Police deserves kudos for this great achievement and I hope it will continue.  This is because there is an improved new embrace by the people with the Police and it should be sustained.

(3)    Dr. (Pastor) Omadele Boyo, Medical Director, Pinecrest Specialist Hospitals, Makinde Oshodi, we all know, is a very turbulent area principally because of the numerosity of exit and entry points which dot the area.   Crisis has also been common in the area.

Criminal activities have been recorded incessantly because of all these.  I would prefer to say that the crime situation is still precarious.  But like they always say, I believe the Police are doing their best.  The new DPO has renewed the community Policing concept.  I will advise that patrols should be intensified.

They should be pro-active.  Plan cloths policemen should intensify discreet patrols in order to nip crimes in the bud.  This is because we know the area boys in this area and we know the beer parlours where they go for their rendevous.   The Police should carry out more detective works.  My greatest worry presently is that they have not intensified efforts at patrolling the streets at nights.  The Police seem to go to bed with us.  So, they should look into this area.

(4) Oluwafemi Adetona, Secretary of Makinde South Landlord Association, Mafuluku,  Oshodi.
In the last one year, the crime rate in this area has been reduced and i can say it is now very low.

So far, it has been very low compared with what it was in the past when the police sttion was turned into a market place.  Where they were detaining and releasing people indiscriminately.

While commending the new approach to crime in the area, I would suggest they intensify efforts at involving members of the community in policing.  This will definitely enhance their efforts.  I would also advise all and sundry to assist in the glaring efforts of the Police to reduce crime in the area.


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