THE Catholic Archbishop of Lagos Metropolitan See, Anthony Cardinal Okogie tasked Nigerians on state of the nation.
Okogie who made the remark yesterday in Lagos when he celebrated Mass to mark the church’s World Day of Peace, said, “Look at the political parties that we have, which one of them is really serious about carrying out its manifestos?

They will soon begin to go round and campaign, promising to provide everything. I have been hearing better life since year 2000, till today there is no improvement.”

He spoke on the power generation, saying: “Look at the power generation, we were told that by October 4000mw would be generated. Later they increased it to 6000mw, nothing happened, we are still where we are. What they don’t realise is that not the Nigerians they knew 10 years ago are not the same Nigerians of today. Nigerians have changed.

When a head of state or a governor promised to provide certain amenity and could not and the people just look at them and laugh, is that not a disgrace? Is it too long for us to be truthful, to be honest?”

On President Umaru Yar’Adua’s ill-health, Okogie said: “The father of the whole nation is sick, everybody, even those abroad, knew about it, we keep deceiving ourselves. You can’t hide sickness. The president himself was forced to say that nobody is above sickness.

“Look at the banking sector, about 3000 people are out of job just around Christmas period. Why should it be around that period? That means they are more and more creating unemployment and armed robbers.

These people have families who are looking up to them to celebrate Christmas and new yea,. where will they get it from as their main source of livelihood is gone. It a pathetic thing. How can a human be so inhuman to his own neighbour? There is something they called nemesis.

“My own consolation which should be the consolation of everybody is that nobody will leave this world with one kobo. Naked we came out from our mother’s worm and that is how we are going to go back,” he said.


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