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Life is not about what you have – Rev. Helen Oritsejafor

Apart from being the wife of the general overseer of the Word of Life Bible Church, Warri, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, she is an industrious woman who has never relented in her efforts in putting smile on the faces of the less privileged in Warri and its environs in Delta State. Rev. (Mrs) Helen Oritsejafor is chairperson of the Eagle Flight Micro Finance Bank Ltd., Eagle Hand Multi Purpose Centre which houses a day care centre, old peoples home, orphanage and a restaurant. She is also a senior executive of Africa Broadcasting Network, amongst others.

Recently, in conjunction with the Word of Life Bible Church, the Eagle Flight Micro Finance Bank Ltd held its fourth annual end of the year thanksgiving/poverty alleviation programme which featured bonanza in cars, tricycles, grinding machines, etc. This amiable woman of God spoke on the accomplishment of the Eagle Flight since its debut and on life as the wife of a very busy general overseer among other diverse issues.  Hear her:

EAGLE Flight Micro Finance Bank is an innate desire and dream of the president and founder of the Word of Life Bible Church, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor. As a servant of God, it has been his prayers to be able to minister not only to the spiritual aspects of human existence but also to be able to attend to the physical and economic well being of souls.

Rev. Mrs Helen Oritsejafor... women shouldn't borrow to look good
Rev. Mrs Helen Oritsejafor... women shouldn't borrow to look good

Another reason behind Eagle Flight is to professionally empower our community, encourage entrepreneurial development, instill the culture of savings, and bridge the gap between the poor and the rich by using the best of people and technology while delivering good returns to all stakeholders.

The bank started operation on December 25, 2005. We initially started as a co-operative, but later knew it wasn’t going to be enough when we realized that giving money out to people on the platform of church would not yield desired results as people took it as a free thing. So, we felt we needed to go beyond that. And by the grace of God, we came up with the idea of starting a micro-finance bank.

In the past four years, the Eagle Flight has embarked on various corporate social responsibilities, and those familiar with the Word Of Life Bible Church can attest to that. We normally have a yearly poverty alleviation programme in which we give out cars, tricycles, grinding machines, etc. We also give out scholarships to people on a yearly basis.

In our 13 years of marriage, I’ll say God has been faithful to my husband and I. My husband has also been very helpful all the way. He has been the Oil in my soup, the honey in my tea and his commitment to God, as a family man, father and husband is worthy of emulating.

Being the wife of a pastor is only God’s making because he would have seen something in you which will be of great advantage to the man in terms of support. To really be a pastor’s wife, you must be a woman with a large heart and love people a lot.

Being married to a man of the whole world(being a pastor), as a wife, you really need to step aside and allow God to truly have his way in your husband.  Also, you must be ready and willing to share him with every one else (that I have been able to do all these years). However, I must say it takes an enormous grace to be able to do this.

To be sincere, it is very challenging because like most pastors, he is a man that is very busy. I also want to say he allows me to be myself; I am the kind of person that can’t sit down without doing anything. I am the out-going type.

Seeing the level of poverty in our community, I wish I could do more for the less privileged than what I am doing presently,  because I believe life is not all about what you have but what you do with what you have, and this is by putting smiles on the faces of people, imparting into the life of the less privileged and bringing out joy in them.

Sometimes when I walk past some of these people and I remember my own home, I feel sober and pray within me that God should bring out good out of the lives of these children, and that they should not be limited by any circumstance that surrounds them. But truly I wish I could just have everything and change everybody in a second.

I am not that fashion crazy; running after what is in vogue. I am only after what will please God,  please my husband and make me presentable as a role model. I always tell women never to take their husbands for granted.

You are married to a Christian doesn’t mean you should present yourself in a very shabby way. I don’t believe in vogue; I can  put on a 500 naira wrapper on the street and it will still look very cute and nice on me. But by and large, it is not what you wear that makes you; it is who you are in the real sense.

Women should please never go borrowing in the name of looking good just because they want to impress people. Quite a lot of marital homes are hurting and many are in the stage of separation simply because some women get easily carried away by what they see out there. Therefore, they put their husbands under pressure so as to be like others.

Wearing expensive attires does not reveal your true identity. You don’t need to go into debt in the name of fashion. My advice to every women out there is that they should be themselves; don’t copycat and throw your husband into the pit of debt’.


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