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La Campagne Tropicana : Nature gift to manLa

Surrounded on all sides by tall palm  trees, lagoon and the ocean, the La   Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort offers an opportunity to connect with the real natural environment of an African set up while still enjoying the luxury and comfort of five star facilities.

Located on a 65-acre tranquil paradise  just an hour’s drive from Victoria Island in Lagos State is La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort situated in Ikegun village along the beautiful stretch of the Atlantic coastal line of Lagos.

The 5 star Resort offers a unique blend of natural environments which include a fresh water lake, accessible mangrove forest, a savannah, extensive sandy beach and the warm Atlantic sea.

This  Resort, which offers world class accommodation and a variety of activities, is the brain child of Mr. Wanle Akinboboye, who came back to Nigeria in 1986 from the United States of America to pursue three things he knows how to do best, Hospitality, Tourism and Entertainment.

Getting to the beach resort from Victoria Island will take one about 50minutes through Ajah before veering off into Eleko Beach junction to Eko tourist centre .

From the gate of the beach, one gets to feel the uniqueness and beauty as one is taken aback with the various motifs at play of which the strongest is the African motif.  From the well laid inter locking stones that lead into the resort and the various stop overs for the taste of beautifully prepared Akara and fried yam, one is enthralled by the serene environment which is dotted with the sounds of monkeys and birds.

The almost 500 meters journey from the gate to the resort’s various accommodation has roads with different   names named after animals.
As one explores the resorts in company of the tour guards, Sunday and Ayo, there are this natural ambience and awesomeness of the long stretch of  coastal line with the tidal wave surging against the beach at every interval and the wild life resources as the resort is a blissful marriage of man and nature.

One of the main attractions of the resort is the wide range of water sports available, including hydro bikes, boat cruise, horse racing, and various sporting activities such as football, basketball and volleyball and a fitness regime.

Once in the resort there are lots of activities to par take in as the resort offers facilities for camping; hunting; fresh water fishing; ocean fishing; canoeing; hydro cycling; mountain biking and jogging as well as safari and nature walks.

One was pleasantly surprised to find a group of expatriates made of different families light up the environment with their brand of activity biking. They all rode on bikes along the coast all the way from the Federal Palace Hotel and Suites end to the resort.

This was one possibility one never thought existed but Akinboboye confirmed that it does as few people are now beginning to explore that aspect of the resort. It was a beautiful sight for once to behold people especially kids having great fun biking and running circle round the resort ground.
Given its natural ambience and peaceful pull it is one place for relaxation, to refresh and get away from the madness of a place like Lagos and have a frolicking weekend with the family. Honeymooners can also find the resort a good ground to harvest fun.

There are different categories of accommodation at the resort. Tucked in the midst of coconut trees and different species of plants are conical structures as care was taken to ensure that the infrastructure at the resort blends in perfectly with the surroundings so that the spectacular ambience of the tropical countryside is not lost.

The rooms are surrounded by tropical gardens that enhance the delightful village atmosphere and attract a great deal of exotic birds.  All the rooms are individually decorated to impart an air of luxury and relaxation.

It is likely to hear names like Kodi, Igwe Ezes and Ile ori omi , all local names for homes in Nigeria . There are 36 apartments in the resort with 11 Obi Eze, 5 Laba; 5 Kodi; 5 Osho; and 8 Okunre as well as 1 Ile ori omi.

The Obi Ezes have luxuriously furnished 3 bed room with a bar, small kitchen, mini Jacuzzi and lavishly decorated with African art works. All the rooms are fitted with ultra – modern appliances such as air – conditioners, TV and wireless internet Service among others.
The Kodi and Laba are built in like duplexes with lounges down and bed rooms up stairs. The only difference is that in Kodi there are showers while in Laba there is Jacuzzi as well as two television against one in Kodi.

One unique thing about the accommodation is the use of talking drums as door bells in each of the rooms in the resort. It reminds one of the typical village setting of yore where talking drum plays significant roles in communication.

There are also tents placed strategically in the resort for those who want to stay outside.For lovers of good food and drinks, there are restaurants for local food and drinks. Of special interest is the Bole Kaja palm wine joint . It is built on the lagoon with a rustic lorry for the recreation of those Palm wine joints in the villages.  There are also poolside bar and restaurant and  mini-market.

La Campagne Tropicana is recommended for retreats and for conference planners. Entertainments of different blends also feature at the resort at different intervals and holiday seasons. Top on the bill are packages by the Atunda entertainment group, which is part of the La Campagne Tropicana family.


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