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I did not embezzle N300b police equipment fund – Chief Martins

By Albert Akpor
Chief Kenny Martins is the national  co-ordinator of the controversial Police Equipment Foundation.  The fifty-
something year-old man is not happy, to say the least.  And he readily tells whoever cares to listen to him.  Reason?  He
believes some people are hell bent in blackmailing him and killing his good dreams for the Nigerian security agencies, specially the Police Force.  But the businessman- cum- politician tells CrimeGuard that the allegation of N300b misappropriation is nothing less than a fluke and therefore, vows  not to be bamboozled by the activities of those he describes as ‘enemies of progress’.

In the beginning
The transformation of the Police Equipment Fund to Police Equipment Foundation was clear. It was authorized and we have documents to that effect.  We said it clearly in the first meeting we had  when Mr. Sunday Ehindero was IGP.  In the meeting we said we were to raise N12 billion.

I remember it was Mrs Cecilia Ibru that asked Mr. Ehindero during one of the meetings what he thought as the Police IG would make the Nigeria Police Force comparable to that in Benin Republic, Ghana, UK and so on, a police force that we need that will make us to go to bed with our eyes closed and things would work.  He said the committee should give him time to come out with a solution and he came to the next meeting to say that the NPF needs N361billion to solve its problem.

Chief Kenny Martins ... Court has absolved me of all the allegations.
Chief Kenny Martins ... Court has absolved me of all the allegations.

Those who were to help us raise the money said no problem,  that even if we needed N1trillion, they would raise it.  But there was a condition which they gave and that was that  the foundation cannot be a Presidential committee.  They said they could not give their money to such foundation except it is purely a private foundation that is run by a committee, by the private sector people that would be accountable to them.

They said they needed a foundation that could publish their account and that they would be happy to help even the more.   I remember it was the police Affairs Minister, Allowe  Bozimo who wanted us as a government body because to him, a project that would gulp a whooping  N100 billion should not be left in the hands of private individuals, so he did not believe it would work.

But we are private sector people, funds don’t scare us.  So, he tried and even raised a memo to the federal government that they should supervise the project and government said no, these people have started well. We are down with their concept and it has begun to attract international and local support.  As a police equipment fund, people tried to make us a government body, a Presidential committee, but the federal executive said no.

So, we sought and got a letter from the Police Affairs Minister then, Allowe Bozimo, the minister of Justice, Mr. Bayo Ojo authorizing us to go full scale foundation in compliance with the quest of our stakeholders.  They endorsed it and gave us a formal letter which we took to the Corporate Affairs Commission and registered the foundation.  Therefore, where is the illegality? Where is the noise coming from?  And all these are documented facts which were even filed by the EFCC in court.

And in the court, they asked our stakeholders on what condition they gave us money and they said, these people wrote us a letter from the first day of inception that they were going to do something with the federal government on a private sector basis called police equipment fund and they wanted to move the account as a police equipment fund and when the change came finally from government including others, they came as police equipment fund cheques.

So, there was no Presidential money paid there and the money was so spent.  So where is the mix-up?  We have gone to court where all these things were cleared and all the charades and attempt to blindfold the judiciary were all laid  bare.
The scrutiny was done at the judicial x-ray and today, by the grace of God, the foundation has been vindicated and is free, now we are collaborating with IGP Onovo and his management team to show that we believe fully that our own contribution will tally with what the federal government wants the Nigeria Police Force to be.

Alleged misappropriation of N300 billion

You see, I want to thank God for Nigeria, I want to thank God for being a Nigerian, I want to thank God for Mr. President and his Vice who all through the travails separated themselves from the mudslingers to ensure that only the truth prevailed.   I want to thank God for the judiciary for being brave and brilliant to refuse to be bamboozled by the EFCC and some of their media collaborators and some unseen hands who were bent on indicting and jailing us.

But if you look at the whole mess, it is just that some people were bent on taking over the foundation, taking over the money and killing some of us.

So I want to thank God that today we are free, we are also free to take action against people like Festus Keyamo, against their sponsors like Farida Waziri, somebody who knew that a petition was fake, sat down in her office and still said, ‘charge him to court’, even when she knew that the petition was fake and frivolous. And when the court threw their allegations out, a woman like herself who calls herself a lawyer was busy abusing judiciary, abusing every body.  That woman is not a lawyer.

I want to challenge her to present her certificate.  In any case, she is used to committing perjury, that was why she went to the National Assembly the other day and told them to their hearing that if you people said the commission is not under supervision (because the commission is not under anybody, is not under the President, the Minister of Justice) and you want to now create a board of eminent jurists and Nigerians to supervise the Commission, she is afraid that those people may come and tamper with her work that she is doing so well.

Farida Waziri was already indicting some eminent Nigerians and jurists that were yet to be chosen.  She was playing God, playing angel Michael as the only clean person on earth.

She has said that 150 million Nigerians are so pervert and corrupt that there can be nobody appointed to supervise her, except she is given the latitude to now choose who will supervise the body herself.  And the media is keeping quiet over this outright disregard for due process.  This is sad.  This is a woman who since appointment has not gone to court to win a case clearly.  So, I believe that with God, we will get there.

We heard that she had appealed against us and we would equally appeal against her and we are going to tell the world the kind of person she is; how she and the immediate past IGP can call Festus Kayemo, gave him mandate to destroy the foundation, gave him mandate to write a fake petition, took us to court in about six places paid Keyamo N25m in a trumped-up case, a man who was living in a boys quarter somewhere in one swamp in Anthony village here is now having five houses in Abuja; we want to ask them questions, in any case we are going to take up a case against Festus Kayemo over this.

We did all of that before they said we are running from justice, and that same justice has shown that we do not have any case to answer.  We now want the world to know that we personally have our grouse against them.  They are not fit to hold such positions, even Farida is more corrupt than those she is trying.  Everything I have said I mean them, please keep this tape and play it if they go to court and I will be there to testify to it.

They say show me your friends and I will tell who you are.  What is her alliance with Keyamo if they do not have something in common?  If she is a true police woman who sees that over 350,000 policeman are suffering and the first foundation ever to bring a private sector initiative, to do things that had not been done before, wouldn’t she be proud and see how she can encourage the concept and make it work?  Should she kill it?  Two and half years now, they have held our hands and made all these wild allegations.

What have they done for the police?  We have given over 1000 cars to the police worth over N5 billion. We have given 56 bungalows in which 112 police families are living at the cost of over N7 billion.   We have a letter from Mr. Mike Okiro accepting that he collected 853 cars from us, that was minus the ones we delivered outside our records and gave to other security agencies.

When the EFCC went to arrest that man we paid about N400m for the bungalow, accusing the man that he collaborated with us to steal money and that they could not find the houses, the man said, come. He took them to the places, and when all the evidence was tendered in court, the judge had no alternative than to discharge and acquit us of all the allegations.

And again, I thank God for those who are funding us, those who are supporting us, those who believe in what we are doing; and of course our foreign collaborators, they always laugh at the Nigerian Media each time they see those false write-ups sponsored by our detractors.  But now that we are back on track, we will ensure that with God on our side, we will not fail Nigerians.”


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