By Eddie Akalonu
Former Nigeria Football Association Technical Controller, Kashimawo Laloko, has warned the football body and the Super Eagles technical crew to take urgent steps on the team at the Nations Cup in Angola or risk ending with the worst performance the country has ever gotten in the continent.

“That match (against Egypt) was a national disgrace. I was ashamed watching that team as our national team, so did many people who have called me on phone or confronted me face to face say and I think it can go as the worst match we have played in any Nations Cup in recent times. Players were bereft of  initiative and were lackadaisical. In fact it was like there was no match plan from my point of view and I was so ashamed and angry. I did not bother watching the second game of our group,” he said.

“I tried to take note of the shots taken at goal by a team composed of professionals but it was a futile effort. I thought that some players have no business being in that match because they made no input to improve our game,” he noted.
The Director of Pepsi Football Academy who was visibly angry  said he was dissatisfied with the team line up considering it was a tie against the defending champions.

“You see when some of us said they should let the team play some matches to give us an insight into what we have as team, they said no and  termed it interference or something. I can’t imagine a team going for a top class competition and there was no plan to build up to it, to allow for you to know the quality of product you want to put into the market.

We ought to have played matches to have a feel of our team before the competition and from there those who see lapses can point them out. Now the result stares us in the face, and uncertainty now reigns.

But let me ask, what was Osaze doing on the bench. He ought to have been in that game because Osaze is the engine of the team, he was wasted for that match when he could have been the player spear-heading attacks on the Egyptians. I guess we got what we asked for because if we had won  or drawn it, there would be wild jubilation over a bad product.

Mark my words, the problem was there during the qualifiers and I guess that may have been why they covered up with refusal to go for even one or two friendly matches.

It is clear it doesn’t work same way all the time,” Laloko said.However, he said the other matches would provide room to fight and see what could be salvaged of this competition. “I hope they plan so the rest group games can be made better. I sincerely hope they plan well for those two matches, otherwise our football is in shambles,” he stated.


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