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Determine what needs to stay in your life 2010

By Folake Aina
It’s the beginning of 2010 and it is really important to set aside a moment of true reflection. You cannot decide on where you are going if you are ignorant of where you are coming from. This is the time to look back at 2009 and determine what needs to stay in your life and what needs to go.

You need to pay attention to everything from the little details like your day-to-day attitude to more vital choices like career paths, educational decisions and major relationship decisions.

They say experience is the best teacher and what a waste of knowledge it is to go through life without learning from it.

At this time, look through everything that happened in the last year and draw out the lesson from each situation.  Sometimes it seems like a situation is so disastrous that there is no lesson learned but trust me there always is.

For instance, I know of someone that recently got into an accident in which both cars were badly damaged. When it happened she was so worried about the cars, how she would get home and who would pay for her car damage. She had friends around the area where it happened and they all came to support her and tried to help.

But she worried even more when the police arrived and it seemed like the situation was only getting more complicated. Some way, some how they sorted it out and she made it home and was able to tell her family and friends about her whole experience that day.

She went on about how it was the other drivers fault and how she could not go to all the places she had planned. She also complained bitterly of the other drivers attitude and how she was tempted to teach him a lesson but she maintained her cool. As she kept up with the story, she had all these concerns about the material stuff that she forgot to pay attention to the fact that she was still alive to tell the story.

From the descriptions of how badly the cars were damaged, it was a miracle that no one got hurt. She believed it was such a bad situation that she forgot to reflect on how the accident occurred in the first place so she could learn how to better react in the future.  She also forgot to be thankful for the friends she had that were there to provide their help and support.

When I reminded her of this, she realized that indeed she had a lot to be thankful for. So you see in any situation there is a lesson to be learned.

Ask yourselfquestions like what really happened? How could it have been better? How could it have been worse? What could I have done to improve the situation? What mistakes did I make? Pondering on questions like these helps you clearly see the obvious and make sense out of it. This way we are less prone to making the same mistake twice.

Another important thing I never fail to emphasize on is God and what he is able to do for us. Sometimes we think we know best but the only person that really knows and does is God. As you begin this New Year, be sure to call on him to assist you. I always tell my children that every door that opens to them is not because of their own doing but by the grace of God.

It is important to acknowledge this and ask for his divine guidance in this year. You may look back further into 2008 and compare it to 2009; there were some things that you may have planned to change at the beginning of 2009 and here you are in 2010 with the same problems. It is not because you are incapable of making such positive changes; it is just that you need the extra boost from Gods support.

You need to build a relationship of trust with him so that he can help you create the right goals and help you meet them. Without him you can only do so much and that little would still be by his grace. Key into what God has in store for you and let this year walk you through your greatest dreams.

So believe in yourself and know that God believes in you as well. It is ok to make mistakes, matter of fact all the mistakes you have made in the past are all acceptable, the only problem you can have from them is not making amends of them and learning from them. As you read you are thinking of the worst thing you have done and asking how that can be acceptable; But really what can you do about it now?

How can you take those words back? How can you go back to June 2009 to treat that person better? You just cannot. The only thing you have control over is what you do now and what you do in the future. Make good use of this gift of life and spend your now and later making up for the past and doing better for yourself. With the right intentions in mind, I assure you that God will back you up in your endeavors in this year 2010!


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