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Alex Osifo, Genevieve Nnaji, friends or woes?


One wonders whether stern-looking Alex Osifo and screen diva,
Genevieve Nnaji have any long standing scores to settle.  

Running into the two movie stars before the xmas, where they were on location around Surulere area of Lagos, the repulsive attitudes they showed to each other indicated the obvious that they were not the best of friends.

Movie stars, by the virtues of their profession, are expected to fraternize among themselves,  share jokes and exchange pleasantries where need be. But that was not to be in the case of Osifo and Genevieve.

Genevieve, playing the role of a bride in Mahommd Ali Balogun’s “Tango with Me” movie, which is still receiving finishing touches, was sitting quietly on a church chair, waiting for the next shout of  “action” from the director of the movie, when Alex Osifo majestically walked past her, as if something is fishing between them.

In reiteration, Genevieve  pretended not to be have noticed the entrance of Alex Osifo as she looked the other way, and never muted a word. It’s that bad.

Reformed Dickson Iroegbu

Have you set your eyes on Dickson Iroegbu recently? If you have not,  then this breaking news is for you. Whether it’s for real or not, top Nollywood director, Iroegbu, has turned a new leaf, abandoning his Rastafarian lifestyle in pursuit of heavenly happiness.

He has shaved his 7- year old dreadlock to the surprise of his fans, declaring, “I’m a born- again Christian now.” Iroegbu did not only shave his dreadlock, his lifestyle too has equally received a boost.

Spotting Iroegbu at the just concluded ION International film festival, held in the Garden City, Port Harcourt early December, was something of the “unexpected’- a changed Dickson, clad in a casual wear, humbled by his new outlook.
Iroegbu would not confirm whether he performed certain rituals before shaving his deadlock. Rather, he muted, “I’m a man who believes in change. I preach change and I need to practise change. I have carried it for 7 years now, and it’s time for a change of look.”

Iroegbu, whose  pan-African film, “Child Soldier” , shot early this year in 35 MM, added that as a film director, his new posture has a lot to do with his renewed effort to maintain the standard that he has set for himself. His “Child Soldier” film discourages  the use of children in war situations by government forces, paramilitary organisations and rebel forces.

An AMAA awards winning director,  Iroegbu joined the movie  industry in 1997 as a production assistant, before he delved into script writing, turning out scripts that became blockbusters. He started growing dreadlock some  seven years thereafter.

The turning point in his career came in 2001 when despite criticisms, he went ahead to direct a film titled, “Days of Glory.” It was the film that opened the floodgate of works, accolades and awards for the father of two children.

Dele Odule’s misyarn !

If he were to be a little boy of 10 years, perhaps, he’d have been disgraced off the stage because of his unguided utterances.

But the jeering that greeted his vengeful remark at a recent awards night of movie stars was enough reason for actor Dele Odule to bury his head in shame. A notable Yoruba actor, Odule represents a clear case of the lingering disparity  between Nollywood stars and their Yoruba counterparts.

In the euphoria of the glamorous event, Odule was called up to present the Best English movie award of the year to the producer of the star-studded “Reloaded” movie, Emem Isong.

But rather than do the presentation, Odule digressed to the disappointment of the celebrities that thronged the event venue, making unguided utterances and faulting the decision of those that voted in favour of “Reloaded” as the best movie of the year.

As far as he was concerned, “Reloaded” is not the best English movie of the year. In fact, he was ready to cause a stir as he argued repeatedly that the movie could be the best only for this category of  award.

“I can tell you that Reloaded can be accepted as the best English  movie of the year for this category of award,” he fumed.

He didn’t stop at that. He went on to make other funny and disdainful comments, no wonder he dedicated his Indigenous Actor of the Year Award to his cherished Don Simon wine. Following the act he put up on stage, no member of the audience doubted the fact that Odule was not under the influence of alcohol before mounting the stage. Who knows?


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