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Why Yar’Adua must resign now, by Usman Bugaje

By Gbenga Oke

PEOPLE calling for the Presidents resignation, what are they asking for and what do they want?

First thing we need to understand is that this is a country that, in the last two and half years, has taken the path of a failed state and every day that you spend, you will see a consistent deterioration of governance leading to a total absence of government and it is all related to the fact that the man that is at the helm of affairs does not have the adequate health to run a state not to talk about a country of about 150million people.

What we are trying to say is that, we know he had health issues before he became President and we have reasons to believe that ex-President Obasanjo who forced him on the throat of PDP first, and then the throat of the whole country put the future of this country at stake.

Obasanjo did not mean well for this country, that was why he insisted on this man.
It may have been wished that this man would have died even before the election and therefore election by our constitution would have been postponed, therefore Obasanjo would have stayed, so the PDP continues to hide his sickness which is the silly thing to do.

Really, there is no reason to hide a sickness; if you are sick, you are sick, and it will be a matter of time, it will show and you have seen the deterioration in the health of the President, at least various pictures have been shown by the media and even our young children when they watch the television, although they don’t understand the politics, they are innocent, but when they watch, they shout “Baba, this man is sick”.

It has gotten to that level that you cannot continue to hide and therefore, it is necessary for patriots, for people who love this country, for people who are concerned for the poor person who is suffering the brand of this stupidity, that we should come out and take a very clear stand and mobilise the society to demand for his resignation.

What if he does not resign?
Now, if he does not resign, then we must put pressure on the cabinet to do what Section 144 said, if they can’t do it, it is more reason why we now know that we have to amend our constitution because the constitution assumed that the cabinet will be full of reasonable and responsible patriots who will have the love of this country at heart and who will have a concern of the ordinary citizen.

I was in Katsina during the Sallah break, and I can tell you in the last seven days preceding the break, there was no water flowing in the whole of the state; not even in GRA. Some of the children we took home could not even have their bath; imagine that kind of irresponsibility on the part of government. This is a state where Umaru Yar’Adua ruled for eight years. Even the Katsina town itself cannot find water to drink, the man who is ruling there has been forced down on the throat of people just as Yar’Adua was forced down the throat of Nigerians by Obasanjo.

That man has been unable to provide water for Katsina people to drink and then you ask yourslef, what is the whole essence of governance?  If you cannot provide these basic needs, then you should quit. For the national level, so many things are going wrong and you can see the budget implementation, 28 percent of the Senate, even though PDP had their doubts. And though the Minister of Finance tried to explain the inexplicable that, well some ministries are these and that, by the time he finishes, you will see where he is at fault. So, looking at various issues at hand, we are really worried and that is why we are calling for his resignation and we are hoping that he would resign and the constitution stipulates that the deputy be sworn in, and they will find another deputy president and if they are going to tear the whole of the villa apart the way they did in Anambra, that is their own business, I am not in PDP. But we have that kind of responsibility to come out and talk as responsible citizens.

But sir, the PDP has accused the opposition parties of unnecessarily overheating the polity over the president’s health issue?
No, this is all stupid talk. What is heating up the polity? It is the PDP instead that is heating up the polity. Are they not the ones responsible for the problem in Anambra? Are we the ones who couldn’t provide electricity as promised?  Are we the ones stopping them from providing water for ordinary citizens? Are we the ones stopping all other things they promised to do that have not been delivered? We are not heating up the polity; we have the responsibility to talk.  Why are we in opposition then if we don’t speak?

What we are telling them is that they have failed and when you talk about heating up the polity, it is a wrong terminology and it is worrisome that PDP continues to use this expression, they are so uncreative and they keep using it even when the topic is completely different, we are talking about responsibility here.  If PDP cannot deliver, they should quit and stop using the words that have no meaning at all.
Call for resignation: The list
Alani Akinrinade
Tunji Braithwaite,
Itse Sagay
Buba Galadima
Olawale Oshun,
Usman Bugaje
Adamu Maina Waziri
Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai
Femi Falana
Yinka Odumakin
Sadiq Yar’Adua
Adamu Farouk Aliyu
JOS Ayomike
Naja’atu Muhammeed
Joe Okei-Odumakin,
Annkio Briggs
Jumoke Anifowose
Supo Shonibare
Odia Ofeimum
Lawal Garuba
Biodun Sowunmi
Ishaq Kurufi
Uche Onyeagocha
Bashir Idrs Nadabo
Kayode Ogundamisi
Saint George Eke
Bamidele Aturu
Sola Adeyeye
Osita Okechukwu
Haruna Yerima
Anselem Odinkalu
A. Branco-Rhodes
Almajiri Gaidam
Amitolu Shittu
Uba Sani
Supo Ojo
Hussaini Garun-Gabbas
Festus Okoye,
Salihu Lukman
Sam Amadi
Ken Nnamani
Adetokunbo Mumuni
Kabir Yahaya
Awwal Tukur
Tanko Yinusa
Nasir Kura
Achike Chude
Iboroma Akpana
Morakinyo Ogele
Ayo Obe


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