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White House shocked over Christmas Terror Attack

The suspected terror attack shook the skeletal staff of the White house as the surprise attack happened in the absence of the President. Report reaching us raveled  that  Obama  and most of the President’s staff are away on vacation in Honolulu, Hawia.

However, the White house sources confirmed that President Obama is monitoring the event and has been continuously been updated by his national security and the FBI advisers.

At the same time, the news of the Nigerian suspected terror bomber has once more boomeranged most negatively, on the already bad image of  Nigeria in the United States.

As Vanguard continue to be inundated by calls from concerned Nigerian diaspora, worried about the impact of ”such a story to the Nigeria / US relations,” our correspondent observe that most of the American media organisations are going to town, checking on leads, and researching on the Muttalabi family backgrounds.

A local Television anchor, who had invited our Correspondent to her studios, revealed to us that ” Events in Nigeria is always of interest to us and our audience…. Now, this suspected attack is more than interesting….”  ”It is a major concern….” the anchor imagined that current events in the world did not push the docile US Nigeria policies.

”After this Detroit bomb attempt, the US would definitely script a new US foreign policy for Nigeria,”  the Washington Television anchor, declared.

In response, our Correspondent debunked the recent diplomatic postings of Nigerian Ambassadorial representatives and observed that for the first time ever, most of the Muslim Ambassadors are sent to the Muslim countries of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, Egypt.

As if these postings are not enough, our Correspondent disclosed that the sensitive and very powerful western ambassadorial seats of Germany, England, Amsterdam, South Africa, have all including the Muslim embassy seats all over the world, been allocated to muslin ambassadors.

These lopsided postings, according to our Correspondent runs against the Nigerian Federal statute. These embassies according to our Correspondent, should  by their personnel, reflect as far as possible the federal composition of the Nigerian federalism.

Those postings should symbolize the beliefs and the faith of the Muslims the Christians and the pagans, that make up that federation. The explosive interview concluded that, when an embassy is totally maned by Nigerians of a particular faith,  a thorough investigations involving such a case in our face, our Correspondent argued,  would be unprofitable.

A suspected Islamic bomber investigations, whose father bought houses in Dubai and he traveled at will from London to Yemen, may not be given the type of scrutiny his case deserves when that embassy is administered by people who are of his own religious faith.

Farouk Mutallab on Friday, as Christians all over the world were agog with festivities of  Christmas – a day dedicated to prayers and observe with reverence the commemoration of the birth of  Jesus Christ, the Nazarene, who died for the sins of world- attempted  to blow up an American Airline.

Abdulfarouk Mutallab elected to blow up the Northwest Delta airlines flying from Amsterdam to Detroit. On the plane’s final approach to landing, Farouk set himself on fire when he managed to inject some incendiary fluid into a powdery substance which he had smuggled inside his strings as be boarded the plane.

Apparently, our Correspondent learnt that the powder and the syringe in which he hid the fluid were not detected by the airline security technologies. Sources close to Vanguard disclose that the 23 year old Farouk who is the son of Alhaji UmaruMutallab, former Chairman of the UBA, First Bank and Agip oil groups, was quickly subdued by passengers led by a Dutchman Jasper Schuringa.

Mr. Schuringer who flew across the aisles to overpower Farouk, was able to extinguish the fire.  With the help from the flight attendants and other passengers, Farouk who appeared to be in a trance was taken to the first class cabin were he was completed defrocked. Our sources disclose that the suspected bomber was burnt on both legs.


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