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What will you do if your homosexual child plans to relocate?

By Bridget Amaraegbu

One of the most controversial topics in the world today, is the issue of homosexuality. In the house of God, ( The Church) the appointments of gay bishops have almost divided the Church.
And in the more civilised societies, same sex marriage is no longer news. In fact, some countries have passed laws legitimising the act.

Although homosexuality is not strange in Africa, It is still considered a taboo, as most people see the act as the work of the devil and people involved in the business, prosecuted.
If you discover that your child who is a victim, for fear of being chided by friends and family members plans to relocate abroad, what will you do?

Love conquers all— Florence Onuma, Actress

First, let me say that the child in question was neglected by the parents. What I think is that this child we’re talking about has been left on his own for too long and someone else has shown him or her the other side of love. Right now, this child needs plenty of love because that is the first step to help him or her to come out of such act.
I’m a mother and I have children who’re growing up. I’ve already started talking to them about life. Some parents are just too busy to even have time for themselves, not to talk of their children.

Yes, my fellow parents, we all know that it is good to look for money, but in the midst of doing so, we should not fail to carry out our responsibility as parents in the aspect of having quality time with our children. I mean time to know what is bothering them and time to counsel them. Our children are supposed to be our friends. The counselling I’m talking about must be backed up with the word of God. Let them know what the Bible says about immorality, especially when it has to do with having sexual desire for the same sex.

Some parents only take time to tell their female children to stay away from the guys and forget that their female folk may not be too good for them also; same goes to the boys. When you tell your boys to stay away from women, he’ll learn to stay with his fellow men. While telling them to stay away from the opposite sex, we forget the dangers that can befall them if they follow the wrong people of the same sex. Later, you will begin to complain that he’s gay and she’s a lesbian when you actually caused it.
Parents should take pains to teach their children the implications, I mean the advantages and disadvantages of doing anything sexually immoral with the opposite sex as well as the same sex. My children cannot be deceived into any sort of  homosexualism because I’ve done my job as a mother.

Another area that should be given serious attention is their school, especially those in the boarding schools. Perhaps, the owners of these schools should also include in their curriculum some of the danger signs and signals of homosexualism.
Imagine a child that came into the dormitory around 9-10 years of age. It is certain that this child may not have any knowledge of sex education, showing that he wasn’t taught at home. So, it’s also the duty of the school teachers to expose these children to sex education as well as impose some disciplinary measures to some of those that will want to lead the others astray. By doing all this, they will also be creating awareness.

At some point in my High school days, I was a boarder. So, I made up my mind to send my kids to a co-educational school because I already knew what happens in the boarding houses.
I remember one day when my kids came back from school to tell me that their schoolmate made such passes at them. I had to thank God that I’d already given them thorough sexuality education early enough. But then, you can imagine what would have happened if they were not taught Sex education should be a continuous topic for our children, especially, today when children have access to the internet and so many books that they can read and begin to feel like adults. Our kids are supposed to be our friends so we should not hide anything from them if we want them to be open to us.

Tie the child and… Jide Kosoko, Actor and former ANTP President

I think that he’s spiritually mad and should be taken to a psychiatric hospital because nobody in his right senses will derive any form of pleasure from having sex with his fellow man or woman.

If he’s my child, first I’ll tie his legs and send him straight to a psychiatrist. Now, can somebody tell me what is going on in this country?  We’ve heard of same sex marriages and so on but not in our own part of the world. Why is it coming here to stay with us? This is something that we should all fight seriously, we must not allow this kind of thing to take over our society.
Again, I’ve heard that it’s these rich men and women around us that are influencing the youths with such things. If that is true, then these people should be fished out and prosecuted. I don’t believe they’re deriving any satisfaction or pleasure in being homosexuals. I think it’s just another means to destroy our world. So, they should be punished.
Considering the economic situation in the country, it will not be too difficult for them to get these young boys and girls because things are really hard for many Nigerians.

Again, I don’t think that’s enough reason for anybody to practise homosexuality. The problem most of our youths have is that they’ve refused to live within their reach. Most of them want to enjoy life without passing through due process, and that is why they find themselves where they are today. One advice I have for our young ones is that they should be content with what they have; don’t try to live larger than you can afford.

Take it to the Lord in prayer- Cally Ikpe, TV producer/promoter

I’ll take time to talk him out of such idea because the power of the tongue is mightier than the sword or anything else. Some other parent might want to get him a wife and vice versa but that will not solve the problem because it’s wrong to select a life partner for anybody. In fact, that will mean getting him out from one trouble to another which is improper.

I won’t even try to arrest him because that will be the worst mistake as most prison inmates are homosexuals.
You have to take time to teach this child  the advantages and disadvantages of what he’s into which has to be a continuous issue.
Above all, commit this child into the hands of God for he is the ultimate. No matter how much you try, the Master in heaven has to give his approval but make sure you play your own part as a parent.

Counseling and prayers is it-Moji Olaiya, Actress

Ah! This is a serious matter…o! The most important here is that the parents are aware, which means that the solution is here already. If the child is mine, I’ll sit him down and make him realise he’s treading on a dangerous zone.
I think counselling and prayers will do the magic because there’s nothing impossible with God.


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