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Tiger’s public golf and Woods private gulf

By Bamidele Adedeji
Public Golf
Once upon a lucky man named Tiger Woods.  He was a dark skinned American.  I have always maintained that there is neither a black nor a Whiteman. 

Or can you show me a man as white as the colour white or a woman as black as the colour black?  What God gave us on our skin is complexion, not colours. And that is why we are very complex, every man is a package of complexities.

This complexity makes it possible for a man to wear a smile on his face while carrying a dagger in his heart.  A woman’s complexion conceals her hearty affection for  Mr. A while her lips say “I love you “ to Mr. B.  Those who are wise try to simplify  their lives by living honestly, and humbly and responsibly.  They resolve the complexity by doing to others what they wish others to do to them.

Tiger played Golf with such dexterity and panache that he became a global celebrity.  He rose to become what millions of people only wish and pray to be, just for a day in their lifetime.  He must have worked hard personally to reach the top as the acclaimed No. 1 Golfer in the world.  His successes and victories were well deserved and well documented. I often tell people that the turbo-charged Jamaican Sprinter is not a Bolt from the blues; he is an Usain from the gyms of arduous training drills, who has been perfected through regular practice.

Give it to Tiger, he has attracted large crowds to Golf; he has won many new golfers to Golf; he has popularized Golf the more; he has added more glamour to the luxury called golf.  Tiger made money in millions of Dollars and went on to enjoy it in every way.

Game after game, Tiger won till he won the hearts of the whole world including that of a woman who is now his baffled wife with his public mastery of Golf.  Tiger was almost becoming a synonym for Golf.

Reputable organizations with deep pockets and searching for good, well-rounded human species to boost their brands found in the famous golfer a role model.  This meant more money still for Tiger and more popularity.  His own space in the hall of fame was secured and special, almost forever until recently when a crack began to be seen in his personality.  It has since grown to be more than a crack, it is a wide gulf.

Private Gulf

In the past two or three weeks, revelations pouring in have blown off the Tiger mystique leaving the Woods naked.  It took a car accident on a fateful night to puncture the over-inflated public reputation called Tiger.  Tiger was only a mask and a cheating Woods is the man behind it.

The public golfer has been cheating on his wife.  Tiger took a woman to the marriage altar and they both pledged their FIDELITY to each other but Woods has been romping secretly with other Daughters of Eve.  Treachery!  He hardly realized that private secrets always have public secretions and that what must not be known must not be done.

The world has been deceived and defrauded!  All we saw was the outward show of a clever Tiger.  Many have been misled into taking his face value as evidence of a real inner worth.  Tiger’s public mastery of golf had concealed the ugly mystery of his scandalous private dealings.  And alas, there is a deep chasm, a massive gap and a wide gulf between our public hero and the unfaithful husband, the unreliable partner that he really is.  The public Tiger and the private Woods are not the same stuff after all.  The former shines while the latter stinks.

Although we have not heard the last confession from his mistresses, the scandal has already slain the Tiger leaving only the Woods in the woods of his own making.  Dwellers in the hall of fame should always beware of falling into a hell of flames.  Woods is already roasting in the well deserved hell of public outrage .

Some ignorant people have laboured in vain to argue that Woods was entitled to his private life and should therefore be left alone.

They missed the point that Tiger is a public figure who benefited massively from his showmanship.  He should have insured these benefits by integrating his public image with his private life: call it integrity.  That is what everyone who is profiting from public acclamation owes the appreciative public.

His failure  to do this has made him one of the worst frauds in recent history and he stands condemned as such.  Woods is a tragic let-down to a world desperately searching for real models to serve as role models.  The blow to the youths who look up to him is devastating and the damage to Golf is still being estimated.

In Nigeria

Here in our country, this is a non issue.  Most pastors, General Overseers and Church owners cannot swear that they have been sexually chaste in their conducts. Neither can they give a good account of their handling of church funds.

And even when their secret acts are exposed, their church memberships often increase.   Our political leaders are notorious for extra marital politicking and corruption and the two strongest laws of the land protect them: the laws of immunity and impunity.  It is the reason why personal greed has been allowed to paralyze our national grid.

The sad truth is that a man or woman who cannot be trusted in marriage should not be entrusted with any other worthwhile venture especially the sacred trust of governance.  At least 99% of the leadership in every sector of the Nigerian nation today is dishonest, unreliable, without any sense of shame and morally bankrupt.  And as long as this situation remains unchanged, so shall vision 2020 remain blindness 2020.


I am strongly convinced that we are unlikely to have a genuine resolution of our issues without a revolution. Until then, Nigeria will remain a tiger that is stranded in the woods.


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