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Samsung blackberry phone pegs move to top spot on pricing

By Princewill Ekwujuru
Since Samsung   ventured into the blackberry phone market earlier in the year a clear brand war line has been drawn between other blackberry phone owners and manufacturers of the blackberry phone itself and the Samsung B7320 blackberry phone, the latest in the market.

Today, Samsung blackberry is rattling other blackberry phones in the market for a position that is close to the  number one in the market. 

  While using a blackberry phone today, you definitely must use one of these phones ; Blackberry phone from Blackberry, the brand  owners of the blackberry device,  Nokia Blackberry, Blackberry from GLO, Blackberry from Zain, and Blackberry from MTN (even though they are not blackberry manufacturers),  just to mention a few.

One question that seems to pop up is which of theses phones could be said to be the market leader or most popular in the blackberry phone market.?

Aside the subscriber base strength of the telecommunications service providers blackberry subscribers. Which of these phones would one point to say  leads  the blackberry market.?

Vanguard’s Advertising, Marketing and Management unit of the Business Desk investigation from a random survey in Lagos, particularly in offices, Journalists and in business cycle showed that Samsung Blackberry is showing some trit of  bridging the blackberry leadership gap.

The result showed that the Nokia Blackberry and the MTN blackberry are facing  real challenge in the leadership position of  the market despite the fact that they were the first to come into the market.

Today, it is a fact that the blackberry phone from Blackberry device manufacturers is not well known in the market, reason being that it’s been only popular among blackberry users or as a result of inadequate awareness campaign from the company.

Knowing the right brands has helped many blackberry users to win business proposals or Journalists to send in stories at the appropriate time working from a distant place, because it acts as a ready tool for information dissemination.

However, the survey was carried out mostly among men and women in the age bracket of 30 to 50, was designed to find out the price and promotional activities of all the phones mentioned above.

Probing into public acceptance and perception of the Samsung blackberry phone, report showed that the product is readily available  on the shelve and well packaged which respondents said they liked.

The study shows that 65 percent of the respondents said the price of N38,000 for the Samsung blackberry phone was worth the value of the product, while 35 percent said the price was on the high side compared to others.

The Storm Blackberry goes for N60,000, the Nokia Blackberry for N41,000. On performance, 60 percent went for the Samsung B7320 blackberry against 40 percent for others, even though some respondents described the Nokia blackberry as a “wonderful phone.”

While Samsung B7320 is working hard to outclass others, One area the new Samsung blackberry has not got it right in the perception of customers is in advertising and promotional activities of the brand.

It lags  behind looking at the way and manners other blackberry phones in the market are going about it. 

Seventy percent of the respondents admit they are aware and could easily recall Glo, MTN, Zain and Nokia marketing communication tools on television, radio, the outdoor and other below- the- line advertisement and promotional items  compared to 30 percent who could recall Nokia’s campaign activities.

For example, some people interviewed said they may be switching over to using the Samsung blackberry since it has the same features like others in the market, reasons, some said may be because of the price.

Like Mr. Igho Ovie, a businessman and a user of the latest Samsung blackberry said, “I have used about two blackberry phones, there are not much difference, but only that I would like to see the Samsung type in different colours like; silver, black, purple for women, it is also a wonderful phone.”

Vicky Oruseme, a business woman said that the B7320 phone will make meaningful impact if the company spends more on advertisements to create awareness.

However, it will be difficult to imagine how a modern economy could function without mobile telephony as a number of recent studies have shown that the mobile phone market  is having a hugely positive impact on the economies of emerging market like Nigeria.

The world would have wondered what business could have become before now, without phones that takes the activities of an office and acts like a computer in users hands.

In addition with support key corporate mobile push, email solutions (MS Exchange ActiveSync, IBM Lotus Notes Traveller and more).

It could be recalled that some 30 years ago only 40 percent of all individuals lived within a market system, Today, around 90 percent do. What the business enclave call global marketification has caused three identifiable trends in this regard;

First, that over capacity is often the norm, numbers  may  vary, but spikes as high as 40 percent in cars, 100 percent in bulk chemicals and 140 percent in computers are  noticed.

Secondly, while more products and services are available, they are often incredibly similar : commoditisation rules have taken perfect control.

And thirdly, the cost to find the best are falling dramatically, thanks to  search power comparison shopping which has become a picnic, where Samsung, manufacturers of the B7320 blackberry phone is hinging its intended and prospects in the market.


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