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Reps on Yar’Adua’s health

By Luka Binniyat

Abuja-HON. Elizabeth Ogbaga  (PDP/Ebonyi) “…call does not have my backing”
We human beings should stop playing God. No human being can ever be God. The President is sick, just as any mortal could be. We should not cross the bridge before we reach it. What we should do as responsible and patriotic Nigerians is to pray for his recovery. Any thought that tilts towards saying he should resign because of his present ill health does not have my backing. Let the will of God be done on him, and on this great nation, Nigeria.

Hon. Eseme Eyiboh  (PDP/Akwa Ibom) “… not consistent with our-brother’s-keeper value”
The President is a human being, just as the ‘public commentators.’ Their orchestrated call for Mr. President’s resignation is not only offensive to our brother-keeper’s value and playing God but, consistently bereft of the essential fundamentals of national development

Hon Patrick Obahiagbon (PDP/Edo) “… they probably mean well for him and Nigeria”
Let me start by saying that I welcome  Mr. President into the salubrious bosom of the celestial choir and wish him speedy recovery.

This is the irreducible minimum we owe him even though I hold the opinion that the blanket of hugger-mugger with which the matter has been wrapped over time has contributed to the controversial vitriol and pyrotechnical bile the matter has provoked. There was absolutely no need for the presidential break-dancing on the matter. I sincerely do wish him a meteoric recuperation.

I also hold the view that majority of those urging him to take a graceful egress probably mean well for him and the country more than those who have become the ludicrous proverbial Enoch, crying more than the bereaved. That’s because he needs time now to nurse his ambience and the weight of vaudeville of state matters may be preponderantly deleterious and thus become an incubus to both himself and the nation. In all I wish Mr. Presidential well and a speedy bounce back.

Hon. Godfrey Gaya (PDP/Kaduna) “…even when Castro was on life support machine, he never got such calls”
I think it is a very wrong call. Because as a Christian, I believe that Health and Life are in the hands of God. So, when somebody is indisposed does not mean he is incapable of holding on to his office.

We are aware, and there are few more examples in history, that even when Fidel Castro of Cuba was on life support machine, Cubans did not make such a call. I do not subscribe to the call for his resignation on that ground. If he must resign then he has to follow the constitutional procedure. And I am yet to see anywhere in the constitution that says that because of ill health the President should resign. It only says that some people with certain kind of illness should not be allowed to contest in the fist place. And that include lunacy and epilepsy.

Nobody has come to prove that the President, even as he is down now cannot perform. This is so because no part of government is paralysed. The Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary are functioning well. So as long as governance is not affected by his present condition any call for his resignation does not have the support of the people of Zangon Kataf/Jabba Federal Constituency

Hon Labaran Danbata (ANPP/Kano) “…PDP should put its house together”
The call, to me is not rational. The man needs prayers now, not political intrigues and backstabbing. It is the nature of man to fall ill. So why are some people making it look so unusual? I don’t believe that simply because Mr. President is sick, then he must be shown the way out. That will be acting irrationally. My  advice to the PDP is that when he comes back,  they should put their House together, especially as relates to 2011 general elections.


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