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Phones: Samsung refocuses blackberry market, stirs competition

THE rivary in the Blackberry market became stiffer recently when Samsung, makers of the lattest in the Blackberry series extended the profile of the market with Samsung B-7320 Blackberry.

Samsung Nigeria said it’s  company is moving close to a state of perfect competition, particularly now that power is transferred from those who sell to those who buy. Stressing that the new consumer is a demanding dictator.

Mr. Peter Lee,  Head of Mobile Phones, Samsung Nigeria said that Samsung has always been known for stylish phones, but observed  that the phone market is now shifting to business phones with messaging capabilities and qwerty keypad.

For this reason,  Lee said,  “Samsung is coming back strongly into the market because of the demand in business phones.

He observed that the concept of the humble and loyal consumer, tied to one product and an only vendor is about to die, whilst noting that knowledge is the consumers most critical resources; and consumers as  individuals, are the owners of their brains.

Karl Marx was right when he said, ‘people now control the most critical resources though individually, not collectively.’  For this, modern firms depend heavily on their core competence, that is, individuals who make competencies happen.

This was what Samsung as a company demonstrated with the introduction of the latest on it’s stable; the Samsung B7320 blackberry model.

Notwithstanding however, Information Technology (IT) has opened opportunities for wealth creation, but, from a more general economic point of view, IT in general and the net in particular are best thought of as profit enemy number one.

The current trends of digitalisation, deregulation and globalisation are altering the balance of power between
those who sell and those who buy, on the one hand, and between capital and competence investors, on the other.
Welcome to the information jungle with Samsung B7320 where information is gotten with the snap of the finger, where market flourish because they  feed and breed on information.


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