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Oshiomhole as terminator of the godfather

ON the 11th day of November 2008, the Edo State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), one time superpower party in the state polity for nearly 10 years, ceased to govern the people and went into extinction.

The demise of this behemoth party stands as one of the most momentous political events in the history of the state-courtesy, the Election Petition Tribunal judgment and its subsequent validation by the Court of Appeal, Benin division.

Both Courts had declared in unison that the 2007 governorship election that brought in the PDP government of Prof. Oserheimen Osunbor to power was in error and contended that Action Congress (AC) candidate, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole was the rightful winner of the polls. This was a far departure from the past.

Although, the end of this monstrous party in the state came as a surprise, it was not without warning signs-an idealistic and radical hurricane Oshiomhole was unstoppable.

Yesterday, the PDP had gone through a fascinating but turbulent period of leadership, false party primaries, bad governance, election rigging, lack of internal democracy until Oshiomhole, the new charismatic leader launched a series of bold steps to rescue the state and re-focus it for global challenges.

Today, what was once called ‘largest party in Africa’ no longer exist as a political force in Edo both at the wards, local government and state levels. Indeed, and in reality, it no longer   makes any sense to talk about ‘PDP bloc’. What obtains now is a fragmented, disillusioned, disgruntled, crestfallen and disorganised persons.

Majority of the PDP members have now sought solace in the AC just as those still masquerading with the ‘leader’ are halting between two opinions and these are the big wigs that resides in  Abuja and who would not want to clash with the party at the federal level because, they still enjoy somewhat recognition.

Definitely at home, they are politically barren because, their followers had denounced them for a more democratic space provided by the Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole led administration.

This popular disconnect with Anenih’s rule in PDP which was as a result of his notoriously intolerant of dissent, reflected a strong undertow. However, the ageing godfather has refused to read the handwriting on the wall that it was about time for him to quit the stage before he’s shown the way out and further humiliated.

It seems to me that the leader whom I had so much extolled is walking against the emerging trend and wind of change because all that mattered to him was maintaining power in the face of mounting political problems, infrastructural decay, and economic downturn.

Certainly, the Anenih Empire cannot endure at all in an Oshiomhole world that is increasingly governed by ideas of nationalism, egalitarianism, and belief in self-determination and as such, his empire is forever doomed.

Before the emergence of Oshiomhole, virtually every socio-political and economic problem worsened. When he assumed power, popular expectations rose at the same time earnings from the federation account fell drastically, creating a volatile economic and political situation. Nonetheless, he remained undaunted, focused, determined, and never wavered.

Oshiomhole had remained calmed despite orchestrated attempts to frustrate him by the institutions that have the responsibility of representing the people. A popularly elected Oshiomhole in the history of Edo state, wining a judicial contest against anti-democratic forces signalled the dawn of a new era as against yester-years.

He represents a new breed of political leader, having proclaimed a desirer to exterminate and terminate the godfather in order to establish democracy and a people-oriented system of governance. All hail Oshiomhole, the terminator of the godfather and good-bye to yesterday.

Mr. Isibor, a businessman, writes from Ekpoma, Edo State.


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