By Kate Obodo

Super Eagles coach Shaibu Amodu during last week released a 32-man list for Nigeria’s campaign at the Nation’s Cup in Angola next year. The list was not different from the normal. It had same players who prosecuted his World Cup and Nation’s Cup campaigns.

Ex-international Emeka Ezeugo took a look at the list and said Amodu has done nothing new. They are the same players but he was quick to add that Amodu must have been convinced that they are  best for his mission, stressing that Amodu will not invite players who will jeopardize his mission.

The list made up mostly of foreign-based players with only three home-based, drew the attention of many football fans who saw nothing new in the list.

Ezeugo believes in as much as the coach is satisfied with the players invited, it is irrelevant to kick against or rule out  the selection by the coach.

“I want to believe that whatever Amodu decides for the team as a coach is  final, and I believe that’s his call. And there is nothing anybody can do. Saying anything about the invited players is  irrelevant. He knows these players more than you and I. All we need to do  is watch and see the outcome after the Nation’s Cup”, he said.

He however,  urged the players  to do their  best and make sure they don’t disappoint the country. According to him, their performance in the Nation’s Cup will go a long way in the next competition in June.

“In all I wish them well because if they don’t do well in Angola I don’t think they will do well in the World Cup,” he said

Meanwhile, Amodu on Wednesday tried to play on the psyche of Nigerians saying that Nigerians should not expect much from the team in Angola. He said the future of new players coming into the team is bleak. Adding that what  Nigerians should expect from the team in Angola is a semi-final berth.

He should get down to work –Isima

However, former Green Eagles player Okey Isima has urged coach Shaibu Amodu to get down to business after reeling out his 32-man list during the week.

Isima, a fantastic midfielder during his days, believes it is not enough to invite 32 players for the Nation’s Cup stressing that it’s time Amodu gets down to work.

“I believe there is a lot of work to be done in the team. There is the need for a firm cohesion in the team, starting from the attack, midfield and defence.

“No doubt, the team needs a transformation to grow, that is why, he needs to start working for both competitions especially the one at hand,” he began.

“Inviting players from all nooks and crannies of the world is not the issue but making sure the players are of standard. I believe if the coach works very well with these players something better will definitely come,” he said.

When asked if he satisfied with the 32 players listed for the competition, Isima said he has no ill feeling concerning the invitation. He believes as a coach he has right to decide players that will represent the Nation for the forthcoming competition.

“It’s okay, he is the general and general can not be questioned, just an observation because there is no point suggesting  for him so that at the end he will not accuse anybody of selection. All we have to do is just to watch him and see what Nation’s Cup will bring.

“But in all the team need thorough work in all departments.  Whether the players he invited  are  still  recuperating or not is not the  problem. Though they may not have played well in the qualifying series, I believe their attitude will automatically change if they prepare very well,” he assured.


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