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Mega party can’t strengthen opposition, says Nalado, Accord Party Chairman

Hon Muhammad Lawal Nalado is an astute politician from Daura, Katsina, home State  of former presidential candidate of the ANPP, Major General Mohammadu Buhari (Rtd). He is one politician who can not be intimidated going by his pedigree in the political setting of Nigeria.

A former member of the House of Representatives under the platform of the defunct NRC, he is currently the National chairman of Accord Party of Nigeria (APN), a political party he led into election in 2007.  He bared his mind in this interview on the position of his party on the much touted mega party being championed by General Buhari and others, as well as varied national issues.

In assessing our nascent demoncracy so far, will you say we have been getting it right as we should going by the conduct of on our politicians so far?

Yes, to some extent we have been getting it right. As I have rightly said in the past, we have to get a direction of where we are going to, and thank God today, there is a sense of direction in the polity.  The rule of law which Mr. President has been advocating for is very much in place, despite the odd behaviors of some elected and appointed office holders, especially in the area of corruption and good governance.  By and large, I think our politicians are now being more focused better than what the situation has been like.

Don’t you foresee the possibility of Nigeria drifting towards a one-party state judging by the docility and in-activeness of the opposition parties?

I don’t see the possibility of Nigeria becoming a one party state.  Rather, I believe the opposition are doing their best under the prevailing circumstance our polity is experiencing for now.  Being in the opposition does not mean you have to criticize everything good or bad. Criticism must be constructive at all times as a guide for those in government to correct any wrong policies being contemplated.

How do you see the proposal of a mega party being touted by some key politicians in the opposition, what is the reaction of Accord Party to this move?

Well, anybody has a right to form whatever party they desire and call it by whatever name. These are all signs of active politicizing in progress. The Accord Party as a political group is not party to this arrangement at all.  We believe in building a strong political party that can stand the test of time, and this we have been doing steadily.  We in Accord Party believe you don’t have to conglomerate for virile opposition to work.

Tell us about the performance of your party since 2007, where do you have legislative members and what has been their performances so far?

Our party is ably represented in the National Assembly by Senator Patrick Osakwe and don’t tell me he is not vocal  because he is one of the best legislators this nation is blessed with.  To be elected into the Senate 3 consecutive times is not a joke.  Senator Osakwe has been in the Senate since 1999 and with what is going on in his constituency in terms of development both human and resource, quite sure his people will never get tired of him.  We are adequately represented in Niger State House of Assembly by Hon.

Yusuf Shauibu Mami and let me tell you this man is also playing a very key role in the House as the Chairman of House Services Committee and has immensely contributed in achieving a cordial relationship between the Executive and Legislature in that state and I am sure the Comrade Governor, Chief Servant Dr. Babangida Aliyu is very proud of the party’s presence in Niger State. We also have two members in the Delta State House of Assembly Hon. Joan Amechi Bielonwu and Hon. Princess Pat Ajudua, she is

the Minority leader of Delta State House of Assembly and of course she has displayed  quality leadership by maintaining harmony between the Executive and Legislature. We also have over 30 councilors nationwide.

You seem to have strong affiliation with Delta State, how will you access governance in that state vis_à_vis relationship between the executive and the legislative arms, the rating of the Governor in terms of performance?

Well, our relationship with Delta State Government and the Governor is excellent. Our members are being carried along effectively in governance of the state through the able leadership of our senator as the most senior elected representative of our party in the state and the whole country.

The state governor has achieved so much in the last two years in all sectors.  We have been to Delta State and saw the wonders for our selves. In  fact, I almost nicknamed him “Road Master” when I saw the Road Dualization Project most especially the one from Asaba to Ogwashikwu_Ugheli.

In fact, I want to use this medium to call on other states governors to emulate this man by executing projects that will bring positive impact on the populace like the ones I saw in Delta State.

Lets look at the controversies trailing the state of health of President Yar_Adua, what do you see to the entire scenario bothering on the clamour for resignation of the president from office?

Like I have earlier mentioned in several National Dailies, Magazines and other media houses, Accord Party has condemned in strong terms the call for President Yar’Adua’s resignation over his ill health and considered such calls absolutely unnecessary.

This is not the first time a leader has fallen sick in the world. In fact some were even more severe and critical than that of our President but people only prayed for those leaders for a speedy recovery and this is what we enjoined all our supporters nationwide and fellow citizens to do, I mean to pray for a speedy recovery for Mr. President so as to come back and continue with his laudable programmes.

How will you assess the performances of the PDP Federal government under the leadership of President Yar’Adua?

The government of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua is doing very well and we identify with all his meaningful developments.

With less than two years to the next election, how well is the Accord Party preparing?

We have always been on our own and we will continue as such.  If you go by the history ACCORD Party adopted Umaru Yar’Adua and Goodluck Jonathan as our Presidential team in 2007 presidential election and ordered all our flagbearers nation wide to campaign for them even in places where ACCORD fielded candidates against the PDP and we didn’t do it out of ignorance at least both of them were state governors and all Nigerians know their C.V in terms of governance. So we are adequately prepared for elections even if it comes tomorrow.


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