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Hotsports, Peak milk partners on brand building and profitability

The brand building   strategy and methodology employed by product manufacturers in driving their brands into the market, or on the minds of consumers differ.

  Some, in effort to penetrate the market or to register their presence in  the minds of consumers use various means like; the street storming exercise, flyers, free gifts packs etc.

Some products attach themselves to a particular programme on radio or television to retain their relevance in the market and remain entrenched on the hearts of consumers.

Some companies may see this strategy as waste of scarce resources particularly at a meltdown period like now.

However, methods differ, but for Peak Milk in partnership with Hotsports Production to sponsor a football programme on television and on radio (Peak football Moment)  is another tool Friesland Campina  Wamco, owners of the Peak milk brand  is employing to further propel its brand profile in the market.

Sponsorship has gone beyond mere brand recognition, but has assumed the position of both product recognition, profit making, and building a business profile.

The Sports and Brand symbiosis:  The mutual interdependence of sports and brands is age — old and age – long. The reason for this symbiosis is not farfetched. Sports evoke a passionate response and follower -ship as well as supplies the health, entertainment and lifestyle needs of man.

Brands, especially successful brands, on the other hand, are major resource centers which are able to provide sport with the funding and sundry support it needs for developmental purposes.

By supporting, sponsoring and associating with sports, therefore, brands acquire larger following / markets, expand their equity and evoke the same passionate commitment for which sports fraternities are reputed.

Sports require periodic affirmation and renewal through rallies, meets and tournaments.

This is the route through which passion for a sport is sustained among followers. It is also the mechanism for new follower recruitment. Sports, without brand sponsorship support, is clearly unable to fund meets and tournaments and will die ifleft un-affirmed and un-renewed through championships for long.

It  is for this reason that most sporting events of any worth must have sponsorship support.

There are therefore countless classic partnerships between brands and sporting events some of the most famous in Nigeria of which are the Mobil and athletics; the Coca-Cola and football; the Globacom and Premier League Football; the First Bank and basketball; the MTN (and later Globacom) and marathon partnerships etc. The international scene is
even more replete with such enduring partnerships.

There is the Coca cola’s famous support for world football, Rolex’s identification with and sponsorship of Sailing; there is the Malboro and horse racing to mention just a few.

Indeed the brand / sports partnership cases in the world are legion.
What is of moment is to appreciate that brand building has since employed sports as a significant tool and the viability of this tool has been tested and proven.

Indeed the most successful brands have since de – emphasized the more traditional approach to brand building which emphasizes thematic advertising and deploys indoor and out-of-door media vehicles to flight or campaign a message fashioned out of real or perceived brand values and virtues.

Such messages are reworked from time to time in order to refresh and keep them trendy as well as evoke the image of a fashionable brand in the mind of the market.

 The more contemporary brand building model is experiential and chooses to intervene in the lifestyle of significant consumer critical masses through conceptualization or adoption of a major event, and deployment of a basket of multi disciplinary communication and promotional tools in its support and propagation.

That was why Taye Ige, Chief Executive Officer, Hotsports Nigeria Limited said during a press briefing it is imperative to reveal to businesses t he creative and dynamic turn which brand building strategy and methodology of Peak has taken through enlistment of sports, specifically football, as a tool for expanding the equity of the Peak brand.

To put the record straight, it is pertinent to correct a prevailing norm and mind set in the media that every news or story that concerns sports is to be reported by Sports journalist

 For this reason,  Peak Milk a brand with global marketing exposure and experience with tested brand building methods has gone into a partnership with HotSports Productions Ige said.

The target stations are NTA Network, AIT Network, Galaxy Television, Lagos, Silverbird, ITV Benin, ITV Abuja, Galaxy Television, Ibadan, DBS, Warri, and NTA Aba.

Through this partnership, he said,  Peak is recognizing the competence and capacity of HotSports Productions to deliver on the objectives of this sponsorship to produce a  30 minute television programme.


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