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Do you think an all female children is a curse or blessing?

By Bridget Amaraegbu (

Married women, especially in Africa and the rest of the underdeveloped world, are usually blamed for failed marriages, especially where the issue of children is involved. While some are divorced for not having children at all, others are constantly under siege for failing to produce male children.
Since today’s scientists have proven that the sex of a child is determined by the man not woman, who should the blame of an all female children rest on?
As usual, Bridget Amaraegbu has all the answers. Enjoy!

Male or Female, children are gifts from God — Monalisa Chinda, Actress

Human beings are insatiable, whether it’s money, house or children. That is why most people will never be satisfied with any gender. Have you not seen where a couple with  four boys in the kitty still want to try for more children because they desire female children and vice versa?

Now, when you ask them why they won’t stop, the argument will be that they’re trying because they want the opposite sex. What then can we say to those who have no child at all? It is a story of some have while others don’t have. Those who have are not okay while those who don’t have, cry unto the Lord for one, even for half a baby.
The bottom line is that our people should learn to be content with whatever they have. I strongly believe that every child is a blessing and not a curse.

Whether it’s a male or female child, the important thing is: the child is given the right training. When I say right training, I’m not necessarily saying the child must be sent to the United Kingdom or United States of America to study. If a child is given the right morals and values, that child is bound to be useful to the society and I think that is what is necessary.
I think we should stop talking about female and male children in this present generation. We’ve gone past that age where issues like this should be our major headache.

The African society is so attached to male children that sometimes the woman is blamed for not having male children. This is not supposed to be. Our people forget that it is the man who has the power to determine the sex of the child because he’s got the XY chromosome while the woman has only the X. And it is only when the Y chromosome fertilizes the X that the couple can have a male child. So, what are we talking about?
Our people should be sensitized on health matters like this which I think is part of what you’re doing, and I commend you for a job well done.  Yes, it is good to have both male and female children but when you can’t have them in that form, you try to make do with the one you have. Aside this, I’ll say that any couple who insist that they must have both sex at all cost should seek medical assistance, sanitise themselves and see if it’s achievable. But I still think it’s very necessary for our people to forget this African mentality of it must be a male or female child and begin to appreciate their children the way they come.

Every Child is a gift — Klever Jay, Musician

Whether male or female, four children will be enough for me. I really care about adding more than required children to the increasing population for this country. A lot of Nigerians are not aware of the real population of this country and that on its own is part of the problem we have here. So, when you’re breeding too many children in search of a male or female child, also know that you’re adding to the problems of this nation.
Again, I ask myself why should I suffer because I’m looking for a male or female child when so many people don’t even one child to call their own. A child is a gift, whether male or female.

Blame the man for female children — Dr. Ajayi, Medical practitioner

It’s actually the man that determines the sex of his children. So men should stop blaming their wives for the sex selection of their children. The man has both the XY chromosome which is responsible for male and female children while the woman has only the X chromosome. Unless the man allows the Y chromosome to fertilize the X chromosome in his wife, he cannot have a male child.
As to whether same gender children are a blessing or curse, children are gifts from God. So, we should learn to appreciate the one we have and forget the wrong saying that says variety is the spice of life. I’m already blessed with both male and female children and I’m happy. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having only female or male children because children are  gifts from God.

Appreciate every child — Benson Acholonu, Chemist

The sex of any child is not determined by the woman. So, I don’t know why some men continuously lay the blame on their wives when they can’t have a female or male child.
Besides that, I think every child is a gift from God and it doesn’t matter whether it is female or male. We should learn to appreciate our children the way they come. Who can tell which sexes of children would be more  useful to the family?

Whether female or male, give thanks  —  Benita Nzeribe, Actress

Benita Nzeribe
Benita Nzeribe

Whenever people complain about the sex of a child, watch it: it will have to do with the matter of a male child. Every man wants to have male children rather than female children. And the women on the other hand prefer female children.
But I don’t buy the idea that the male child is more important than the female, after all women are fast becoming prominent and holding their own in a male dominated economy. Today, women have shown that they can be as industrious and self achieving as their male counterparts or even more. I think we should learn to accept and appreciate male and female children.
Female children have even become more useful to their families as they have also shown that they are more resourceful. They have shown that in terms of resource management, they are better than their male counterparts who are extravagant and uncaring toward their aged parents.
Children will always remain gifts from God, so whether you have them all male or all female, appreciate the fact that you’ve been blessed.


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