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Climate Change: World leaders fail to reach agreement

  US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the conference
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the conference

*As Nigeria laments effects of pollution

By Eze Anaba in COPENHAGEN,

COPENHAGEN, DENMARK—The Chinese delegation to the United Nations Conference on Climate Change believes that world leaders cannot reach any agreement at the summit as the talks ends today. China and America are the two heaviest polluters of the environment.

The Chinese delegation blamed the Danish Government for the  leaders inability to reach an agreement. The most populous nation on earth claimed that the discussions with developing nations are insufficient to result in any global deal in Copenhagen.

The Chinese pessimism came just as Nigeria’s foreign Minister, Chief Ojo Maduekwe, who is Nigeria’s head of delegation and standing in for the ailing President Umaru Yar’Adua endorsed the position of the G-77 and China.
He said in an address at the plenary session that Nigeria endorses the position of Africa, China and the G-77   .

He said what is at stake is of such historic proportion that the conference cannot afford to fall apart into camps since all of humanity share a common future.

The G-77 nations have criticised Denmark for controlling the negotiations too tightly and leaving them out of crucial meetings and decisions.

A Chinese negotiator who wants to remain anonymous said the summit could possibly end with ‘a short political declaration of some sort’.

Outside the venue of the conference, the Danish police arrested over 200 activists who continue their demonstrations which started weekend.

Nigerian Foreign Minister, Maduekwe said: ‘Just looking at where humanity is coming from, after two centuries of aggravated carbon pollution, speaks volumes about the resilience of the human spirit to mend what has been broken.

It is like we have all been sleep walking through glass doors until the retribution of nature in drought, mudslides, tsunamis, melting glaciers and disappearing lakes woke us up. We must henceforth stay awake if we are not to move towards the abyss again.

‘While we know who the big polluters are and have not forgotten the old adage that he who pollutes must pay, we believe there is enough blame to go around. No country is without responsibility. Copenhagen represents an opportunity for collective atonement.  This is the only approach that can prevent what is a crisis from becoming a catastrophe.

‘Elsewhere in the world, commentators may be inclined to refer to climate change crisis as an existential threat. For us in Africa, it is the beginning of the Apocalypse that must be averted.

Millennium development goals which were hardly on track now stand the risk of being completely de-railed unless the numbers are re-appraised in the context of more imaginative resources.

Our degraded soil arising from climate change is certain to encourage the perpetual company of hunger and poverty unless a major intervention which can only come from outside Africa takes place.


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