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Animal Care to dominate sub-region soon

By Daniel Gumm

FOR its consistent application and adaptation of strategic alliance, knowledge and experience, Animal Care Services Konsult (Nig.) Ltd is set to dominate the African sub-region with its products and services.

This was the verdict Wednesday by a cross section of participants at the company’s 30th anniversary seminar which held in Lagos.

The company which started operations in December 3 rd, 1979 as OA & OA Associates, an acronym of the initials (Olatunde Aiyedun) and his wife’s (Olufunmilayo Ayodeji),  registered that name, as early as 1977 and the business has been science-driven.

According to the President, Dr. Olatunde Aiyedun Agbato: “Whatever we do, we do from first principles. That is why our investment, some people think, was a little far-fetched.

“Events had proved us right in this regard,”  adding that the staff strength at the moment is about 800 employees, throughout the country. ” Our major operations is at Ogere and we have a factory in Kano. We are focused mainly on poultry, but in other areas we provide inputs.

We look for the best hands because we need to take care of different areas. We have vet doctors, animal scientists, engineers, accountants and our support staff who are not professionals are trained specifically on what to do.”
On the problems facing the Nigerian farmers, Dr. Agbato said that Nigerian farmers have a long way to go.

“I have been to India several times and I am an admirer of livestock and, especially poultry farming in India. That is why one of the activities of our 30th anniversary is a seminar on how India has been able to attain what they are today.

India is the second biggest egg producer toady in terms of number or volume. Two decades ago, they were far behind. Driving principle is that India farmers re-invest into their business from their profit.”

“Indian government has a refinancing scheme, and has supported their farming industry. Support to poultry is seven years — two years moratorium and five years to pay back). Within the two years, you are not under any pressure. These are lacking here. I have been calling for the refinancing scheme.

The profit Nigerian farmers make is not going back into the business. Every year, you have more Nigerian poultry farmers going to Atlanta than any other country. None of them is putting the technology there into use.
“Investing is not only in expanding, but also if your hen-house average is 250 eggs, next year, why not 270 or 280?

The knowledge you need to improve the business productivity is lacking. A lot of things are involved. You have to know the business you are dealing with.

In a business where you make profit, there are not incentives to improve and you are passing your inefficiencies to the consumers. But now, inefficient farmers will fade out. In India, those who don’t do the right things faded out.

And on coping with bad time, Agbato said he was ” an incurable optimist. I always look at positive side of things, no matter how gloomy.

I believe the solution to any particular problem is ingrained in that problem. Sometimes as a human being, I get despondent, but that is not a solution. All you need to do is to look for help, put on your thinking cap. Most importantly, God has always been our driving force.”


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