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6000Mw: Akinyele asks Nigerian to sympathise with Yar’Adua

By Charles Kumolu
FORMER Minister of Information, Chief Alex Akinyele, has called on Nigerians to have sympathy on President Umaru  Yar’Adua over the failure of his government to deliver 6,000 Megawatts of electric power by the end of December 2009 as promised.

Akinyele said this against the back drop of public outcry on the inability of the Federal Government to generate 6,000 megawatts by the end of this year.

He, however, lampooned the government for making the pledge without proper home work, saying the promise was unrealistic from inception.

Akinyele, who said this in a chat with Vanguard argued that Nigeria had the resources to fix the power sector even as he cited absence of political will why the nation had remained in darkness.

According to him, “Nigeria is not a poor country. When people say that we are poor, I laugh.  We have the money to get the power sector working. I really sympathise with the president. Now that the 6000 megawatts is a failure, some may attribute it to the president’s ill health. There might be people who pushed him to make that unrealistic promise. You know how some Nigerians are.”

He further regretted that the problem with projects in Nigeria was execution, even as he called on the government to sincerely fix the power sector.

“They should not have come up with what they cannot accomplish.  Left to me, I sympathise with the president. Our problem is lack of execution.  Before you do such thing, you need to have a proper homework and then follow it up.

“And the president shouldn’t have made that promise because his word is law. He made the promise and people looked up to him. So that was where they made a mistake,” Akinyele noted.


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