By Tony Ubani
EAGLES’ Coach,Shaibu Amodu,  came under severe attacks when he confessed that no Nigerian home-based player would grace the Orange African Cup of Nations in Angola or the bigger stage in Mandela’s Rainbow Nation for the World Cup next year.

Disappointed Nigerians vented their spleen on the local coach, saying that he does not deserve to take the Eagles to the World Cup either. But Amodu used the opportunity of the Tom Tom Press Parley to clear himself when he said that Nigerians should blame the league for the misfortune of the home-based players.

“I’ve read all sorts of reactions after my true confession. The truth remains that Nigerians do not like the truth. I am a local content, myself. I was privileged to coach some prominent clubs in the Nigerian League but things are no longer at ease.

The Nigerian League has fallen in standard and in spectatorship. You can hardly see 5,000 Nigerians in a Premier League match in Nigeria. It’s an indication of the downward trend of the Nigerian League. And to make matters worse, the pitches where the matches are played are bald.

The ingredients that make for good play are lacking. The players are the worse for it. Is this the league you expect me to pick players to play in the Nations Cup or the World Cup?”, Amodu asked rather sarcastically.

The hall was in grave silence and Amodu explained that he did not have the luxury of time to tutor the Nigerian players.

“That does not mean that players who show exceptional attributes cannot make the team”, but it was obvious that it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for a Nigerian player to be part of Amodu Shaibu’s Nations Cup or World Cup team.

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