By Joe Momodu

Ordinarily one would have now allowed this matter to rest but for the recent activities of a directionless and visionless party called Action Congress (AC) in Edo State and its band of “wasters”, who keep insulting our sensibilities by continuously advertising their collective ineptitude in our national dailies.

In the “Vanguard” of  November 7, 2009, one Mr Abdul Oroh,  had the temerity to lecture the PDP on the tenets of democracy. What he failed to tell his readers is how he found himself in the AC after spending four wasted years in the National Assembly, a tenure the PDP that sent him there regrets till date.

The man did absolutely nothing for his people throughout his tenure in the National Assembly. Could this be why he is worried about personal political issues or is he afraid that his “third term” politics in the National Assembly will come out in public domain? He should worry less because the “human rights community” he claimed to be part of can not now be very proud of him after the “third term” imbroglio at the National Assembly.

That is hardly surprising because his paymaster, did something similar to Nigerian workers who by now must be wondering where their beloved “comrade” got the resources with which he acquired exotic cars and luxury mansions in choice places in Nigeria and elsewhere and their own lot remains abysmal.

I will not even bother my readers with the well known fact that our “Comrades” children are attending some of the best schools in civilized countries of the world. Can this be why the Governor has decided to dal with all the schools in the state he claims to be governing? Time will surely tell. Since the beginning of their circus show, our noise-making deceivers are hard put to tell Edo people what they have done for them within their one year in office.

Instead, they are busy diverting attention by insulting people, who have done for Edo State what they can never do even if given a life time to try. If you live in a glass house, a wise person should not throw stones. It is only bastards who insult their fathers in public and Edo State is not a known home for political bastards.

This is why we in the PDP are concerned about the future of our beloved state that is now in the clutches of shameless carpetbaggers taking temporary refuge in the Action Congress. We know that with a little change in fortunes as is bound to happen soon enough, these fair-weather “politicians” will be on the move again to the next “bread and butter platform.”

For a full page advertorial referred to earlier, it took Mr Oroh a few statements out of ten paragraphs to tell us what his government has done in one year.

The rest he expended in abusing the PDP and its leaders. That tells you the amount of contempt the AC government in Edo State holds our people.  Someone should please remind them in case they have forgotten that not every Edo person is the PDP. If the PDP is an irritant that they must dissipate valuable time and resources to fight, what about the masses who keep getting pauperized by their actions and or inactions on daily basis? All we hear is talk and nothing else.

They should know that hungry and angry people can not hear speeches no matter how well-intentioned.
Edo people want to see projects commissioned and not listen to big grammar. It is now an open secret that the AC government in Edo State has brought with it, lawlessness which were hitherto unknown in the state. Edo State was readily the most peaceful state in the Niger Delta before these pretenders to power came to town.

Instead of the government addressing these numerous problems frontally, they are busy prevaricating in confusion and deceiving the masses, an art they are  well versed. This time, the PDP will not allow them to get away with mass deceit.

Today, we weep for Edo State when we now find that the same set of opportunists some of them well known illiterate motor park touts, who wined, dined and danced with former Governor Igbinedion for eight wasted years in Edo State are the same faces now “decamping” and surrounding our Comrade Governor in all his public outings. They are the ones who collectively led us to this sorry pass we are in today and they are at it again.

As usual, they are singing hosanna for the Governor now but before too long, and in line with their character traits, they will be singing crucify him. It is a pity our Comrade Governor is doing his own dancing and too busy to shine his own eyes. He allows himself to be fooled by an expired godfather, who keeps pointing a worn finger at others.

The Governor and his pocket of jesters keep claiming that they have no godfathers but we all know who their godfathers and financiers are,  even though some operate in the shadows. Their current most visible godfather dresses, speaks and pounces around like a peacock on high. This is a man who through public and popular odium lost his credibility during the “Abacha for life” debacle in Nigeria .

This spent force of a godfather who always finds good company with Cuban cigars and choice cognac is on record to have traveled all over the world promoting a serving Army General and maximum ruler as a life president for Nigeria. This is the same man who is publicly mouthing democracy in the fold of the AC in Edo State . Wonders they say shall never end. The true democrats and patriots in Edo State will be known very soon when we call for the report cards of all those who have held high public office since Nigeria attained independence in 1960.

We know true democrats when we see them and these pretenders in the Action Congress in Edo State can be anything but democrats which they now want us to believe. Leopards never change their spots and our cocooned Comrade Governor will very soon realize this to his detriment. The best we can do now is to pray for him even though I have no clue to his belief in any Supreme Being. I laugh when Mr Oroh tells us the man is “destined by God to lead his people.”

We are constrained to ask which God because that God certainly can not be the God of Muslims or Christians. In Edo State, the adherents of these two major religions can tell you with great sadness and regrets how the present government has wickedly abrogated part of their religious benefits relating to pilgrimages, which they had enjoyed over the years from previous governments.

Today in Edo State, the man who got to power by judicial pronouncements has become a Governor that is most contemptuous of court orders. What an irony? He and his government now hold the unenviable record of the most restrained by judicial pronouncements in the history of governance in Edo State.

Nearly all professional and interest groups in Edo State are currently in court with Governor Oshiomhole and his government. That has not stopped the man from trying to arm-twist the House of Assembly to disobey a legitimate court order and issuing further directives to his aides to try to circumvent court orders.

I sincerely hope and pray that he and his AC will not govern Edo State into anarchy in the very near future. This sad development must worry every concerned Edo person not only the PDP. More worrisome now is that credible Commissioners are deserting Oshiomhole’s government through resignations and this is effecting his government,  yet he is busy talking.

I am now constrained to ask, how did we get to this sorry pass? From what is happening in Edo State today, there is no doubt many other states will think twice in future before entrusting their collective destiny into the hands of persons with fuzzy track records as Governors.

The major preoccupation of our government these days is to abandon their rag tag governance and devote quality time and resources to abusing Chief Anenih, a man old enough to be their father. What has happened to our cherished African culture and tradition? If this Governor fails, no Edo person will blame Chief Anenih,  who was not Governor. All the blame will be on the Governor’s head. Why the man fails to see this obvious connection beats my imagination.

Can someone please let him know that if he can not stand the heat, the best thing to do is to honourably get out of the kitchen instead of insulting any and everybody who has any contrary opinion from his own? Time they say will surely tell and I hereby call on all well-meaning persons to pray to God to save Edo State from confused noisemakers.


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