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Those who produce fake product in Nigeria

By Moses Nosike

Two weeks ago in this column Dealing with Fake and Expired Product,  the alarming rate at which consumers consume fake and expired products and how it is difficult  identifying them at a given time was discussed.  It was also discovered that the more we consume these fake products, the more we suffer from mysterious illnesses and sometimes we blame it on witchcraft.

This week ,we will focus on fake products produced in Nigeria. Suffice it to say that many local producers involve themselves in counterfeit thereby endangering lives. They use original labels of products on poorly produced ones that are not certified by Standard Organisation of Nigeria and other regulating bodies which must approve for the production of Nigerian made goods before consumption. This reporter is not saying that you can’t get quality produced products owned by local producers fully certified by the regulatory authorities in the country, but in the midst of them, fakes are too common .

For instance, products like wine have too many fakes. Many of our locally produced wines circulating in Nigerian markets today are not meeting standards for producing it and a lot more. Nigerians should watch out. The consumption of it could be harmful to citizens who cannot do without it.

There are small scale manufacturers who are using raw materials that can jeopardise the quality and safety of their household items and same products are also existing in large percentage in the Nigerian market that do not have adequate labelling information.

NAFDAC sometime ago, shut down some bakeries in the country using banned potassium bromate in their products and it was discovered that the substance potassium bromate is hazardous to human health. However, after laboratory test, NAFDAC lamented that such chemical can cause cancer, renal failure and depletion of vitamins in flour.

More of  illegal water factories were shut down because of poor producing conditions and that is why we have too many so- called pure water today in town with fake NAFDAC registration number and without factory location .Even when you trace the factory, the  address is non existent.
In the area of medicine, it is a huge mess when  some Nigerians on their own  collaborate with their foreign partners to set up factories and begin to produce drugs that are of low quality and before you know it, it gets circulated into the Nigerian market.

Some pharmaceutical industries are producing contaminated drugs, operating under poor manufacturing conditions, inadequate manufacturing equipment, poor record keeping, filthy water treatment facility, barely equipped laboratory for drug analysis, poor batch coding of products and most cases untrained personnel.


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