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Soludo in the lion’s den

By Ndibe Okeke

An Abuja High Court has given an order restraining Prof. Chukwuma Soludo from parading himself as the PDP candidate for Anambra State in the February 2010 governorship election.

Some PDP gubemational aspirants have challenged the  selection by the National Executive Committee of the party of Prof Soludo as the flagbearer of PDP in the 2010 gubemational elections in Anambra State.

Thirty one gubernational aspirants (aspirants indeed) staged anti-Soludo rally in Awka. Will Anambrarians be informed about the pedigree of these aspirants or are they the same hangers on, parasites, in-laws and friends of the godfather known by all and sundry.

Thirty one fingers, eyes, ears, nose and legs of the same notorious gadfly whose main political interest is to hold Anambra State hostage and loot its treasury.

And now this: Pa Simeon Soludo, father of Prof. Chukwuma Soludo the former CBN Governor and flagbearer of the PDP in the 2010 governorship election in Anambra State has been kidnapped.

All these would only come as a surprise to people who do not understand the politics of Anambra State since 1999. The struggle for the soul of Anambra State in the new dispensation is between good and evil, light and darkness, educated elite and wealthy, illiterate businessmen.

It is either the governorship is left in the hands of the illiterate rich fools to maneuver as they wish or all hell will be let loose.

They cannot allow Prof. Chukwuma Soludo to be the Governor of Anambra State as he may not be a willing and easy  tool for them to plunder the state and loot its treasury.

His brilliance, vision and mission to bring development to the state will run contrary to their idea of politics and governance, that is convert the entire resources of the state to private ends and utilize  same to intimidate the people.

Hence, no matter how many times different  Inspectors General of Nigeria Police Force order the withdrawal of police orderlies and escorts from private individuals, the untouchables in Anambra State will always have their own retinue of such police escorts: They are above the law! The money they made from cornering resources that belong to the entire state or other illegal means in the country will always ensure their pride of pride in the society.

Hence, they will organise and supervise the burning of public buildings under the watch of the Police without being arrested. They will organise the arrest and kidnap of a sitting governor without being arrested or tried for treason. This is Nigeria where anything goes and the law is a respecter of persons.

The former Governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chinwoke Mbaodinuju granted interview to a national daily last weekend and stated that the state has been going through difficulties as a result of his not being allowed a second tenure in office by the PDP hierarchy.

It is only in Nigeria that a failed governor,  a so-called governor who handed over the state treasury to godfathers and looters will, instead of hiding his head in shame still come to the public domain to remind Ndi Anambra of his misrule, his years of the locusts in the state, his years of many unresolved murders, including a former NBA Chairman and his pregnant wife; a period a female bank manager was the Treasurer General of the state.

He probably doest not know that his name stinks in Anambra State.  His people in Uli and entire Ihiala Federal Constituency should better advise him to ensure that he should only be seen and not heard as any further verbal diarrhoea from him will make angry Anambrarians expose him for who he is – an irresponsible, double-faced pretender who preached the Kingdom of God to Ndi Anambra with one hand and handed over the state to gangsters with the other hand.

Ndi Anambra should see the present travails of Pro. Soludo as the sacrifice he has to make to rescue his people from bondage. It is said that nothing good comes easy.

The good people of Anambra State should expect that it will not be an easy battle for the people who held the state by the jugular a few years ago to let go without baring their fangs. Robert Greene in his law, 13 of the 48 laws of Power, advises “crush your enemy totally”. Prof. Soludo’s political enemies are probably applying this principle but the spirit of the people of Anambra State, the spirit that rescued Dr. Chris Ngige from his kidnappers in 2003 will again fight his detractors, the detractors of Ndi Anambra and save him from their evil machinations.

We are fighting against evil forces whose tentacles spread  to the highest echelon of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). Hence, the NEC of the party will dispatch a whole state governor to supervise ordinary ward delegates election and he came to the state with a prepared list of “elected delegates” and handed same over to the godfather, no matter what the actual results on the ground were.

Anambra State has since become a goldmine where, no matter how highly placed the national officer is, he cannot resist the temptation of the millions of naira willingly offered by aspirants, a business enterprise where the investment will be recouped from the state treasury when the stooge is rigged into office, thanks to a willing, collaborative and conspiratorial  INEC.

Critics have wondered why Prof. Soludo, a former CBN Governor and reputed international scholar should condescend to contest for the position of a state governor. But the response is why not? It is said that evil triumphs when goodmen do nothing. It is rather praiseworthy that the eminent professor should utilize his knowledge and intellect to “come over to Macedonia and help us”.

As an Anambrarian he is a stakeholder in the state and should not sit idle while nincompoops, arsonists and thugs decide the affairs of his state. The educated elite of Anambra should join Prof. Soludo in this crusade to restore Anambra in particular and Ndigbo generally to their lost glory.
More of such eminent national and international personalities should come forward and contest elections into the State Assembly, the House of Representatives and the Senate.

Mr. Okeke, a political analyst, writes from Awka, Anambra State


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