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Pensioner sends S.O.S to Army pension boss

Mr. Samuel Jegede, a military  pensioner  is calling for urgent attention from the military pension office.
An edited  copy of the  his letter to the office is produced below:

” I use this opportunity to write you this personal complain letter, which I know if after you go through it, will convince you. Sir, I was in your office on Monday April 20th 2009, for verification.

After you have checked my documents, you discovered, that, the war record was not written in my discharge book. And, you said you cannot clear me unless I went to army record office in Lokoja to bring the duplicate. Sir, you remember  that I asked  for a letter of authority from you, which you said you  could not give to me.

After my begging and prostrating to you to accept it, as the mistake was from those who filled the discharge book which you did not agree,  you later said I should go to Lokoja without your letter, and I went. On getting there, I was asked of the letter from you, which I could not produced; I was later advised to write an application which I did.

But, up till now, no response from the record office. Well, I know you are doing your job, but I realize from the tone of your voice, you are not  a  harsh or a wicked person. You only want the record to be clear and straight.

Sir, for your information , I have earlier gone to see the Army Director of Public Relations, Col. Chris Jamintola who directed rne to come and see the military pension P.R.O. which I did on that very day, and my statement of account was tendered to him with my documents.

But, I was later led to your office, before this war record issue was discovered. I want you to find out from the P.R.O. to know that I am not an impostor.  I know is that God will use you to help me. I have been suffering for the past two years and three months now since the pension stopped coming.

I am not a fake soldier, my documents are all correct. I even did my army verifications between December 2006 and early January 2007, and I have been hoping since then without success. I am over sixty years of age and cannot take up any government job.  This pension is my hope for life till I die. My wife and children are looking up to me. Please Sir, use your good offices to plea my cause for me.

Once more, my particulars are follow:
Name: Samuel Jegede.
Army No: Ex 63 NA/216267
Rank: PTE
State: Edo
M.P.A.B. No: 120144
I.D. Card No: ED.NA.001914
Account No:359/20314/1/101/0 (Unity Bank)

Editor’s note:

Pension and You, was reliably informed that Mr. Jegede was verified in Edo state by officials of Army Pension Board during the just concluded verification in between September 28 and October 10, 2009.  Yet, his monthly pension, Pension and discovered has not been paid for the past two years and six months. Pension and You, will appreciate it, if the authorities concerned could explain why payment of Mr. Jegede’s pension has been stopped.


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