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Oroye family petitions police AIG over invasion of property

Mrs. Ejueyitichie-Oroye’s family has petitioned the Assistant Inspector-General of Police, Zone 5, Benin over alleged illegal invasion of a property on 6, Boyo Road, Sapele, Delta State, by one Joseph Atsenyi-ku.

In the petition, dated November 18, 2009, the family alleged that Atsenyiku also used Police and Army illegally deployed to inflict grievous bodily harm on residents of the said property.

Writing through its solicitors, Prof. Itse Sagay (SAN), the family said in the petition, “Mrs. Ejueyitichie-Oroye is a retired Principal, Queens College, Lagos and currently Chairman, Anglican Schools Manage-ment Board, Lagos State.  Mrs. Ejueyitichie is an indigene of Sapele where her extended family is based.

“She is also co-administrator of a property in Sapele, known as 6, Boyo Road, Sapele.  This property was initially jointly purchased from the colonial government in December 1936 by two aunties of Mrs. Ejueyitichie-Oroye and converted to and treated as family property by the two aunties, namely Madam Ukuejubola Ajokan and her younger sister, Madam Orode Ajokan.

“When Madam Ukuejubola died in 1947, Madam Orode took steps to have the property formerly assigned to herself in her role of family head. Madam Orode proceeeded to build houses on the property and thereafter treated it as family property.

“She also allocated specific apartments to two members of the family, namely Mr. Mama Mogbeyiteren, Okotie Otuedon and Mrs. Oletemi Abamime. These allocations do not affect the legal character of the property as family property.

“In any case, by far the largest part of the property was not allocated, but was left by her to be maintained for the whole family.  Madam Orode died on August 2, 1990, leaving a will appointing Mrs. Jane Ejueyitichie, one Miss Elizabeth Apoyi Otuedon and one Madam Akponu Agbaunjolara, all her nieces, executrices of the property.

“One of the original purchasers of the property, Madam Ukuejubola, had a daughter called Natemi Abamime. Natemi Abamime had a son, Emakpor Usen.  Natemi Abamime died in 1993.  Sometime after that, Natemi Abamime’s son, Emakpor Usen started disturbing the executrices in the performance of their duties.

“Emakpor’s latest act of folly is his repeated attempts at selling the property, even though it is family property, and Madam Orode and his (Emakpor’s) mother are buried in the property. The most recent attempt by Emakpor to sell the property occurred when he, Emakpor, offered the property to one Mr. Michael Diden, a.k.a. Ejele, currently Chief Security Adviser to the Governor of Delta State.

“The family, through the executrices, warned Mr. Diden that the property was family property and was not for sale.  Mr. Diden withdrew. The family, as precautionary measures, wrote the usual This House is not for Sale sign, all over the property and instituted a court action to restrain Emakpor from further acts of depredation.

“In the midst of all this, a close friend of Mr. Diden, called Joseph Atsenyiku, suddenly emerged from nowhere as the new ‘purchaser’ of the property.  In his desperate bid to dispossess the family of their property, and to display his awesome power, Mr. Atsenyiku, on Saturday, November 15, 2009, deployed 10 soldiers and 10 mobile policemen to the property, beating up the occupants, destroying their properties and generally causing mayhem in the area.

“Our client informs us that Mr. Atseyinku (Mr. Diden’s surrogate) has commenced construction on the premises.  What is more? He has threate-ned to exhume the bodies of late family members buried in the property.

“Apart from the crimes of wanton destruction of property, infliction of grievous bodily harm on innocent people, criminal trespass and gross breach of peace, Mr. Atseyinku’s action constitutes a dangerous violation of the present government’s mantra of rule of law.

“Equally grave is the misuse and abuse of Armed Forces and Police personnel.  Several reports have been made to the DPO, Sapele, but he has made it clear that he is helpless in this situation.

“We, therefore, request you to intervene urgently in this boiling caldron and save an innocent law abiding family from abuse and oppression by the enemies of society misusing state agencies for their own criminal ends.

“You will also be upholding the rule of law, and the legitimate authority of the state which must never succumb to lawlessness and anarchy.”


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