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Light up someone’s life by giving

By Folake Aina
I am so glad that you all agree with me that this season calls for serious celebration. As you begin to light and
decorate your house, you must also not fail to light up someone’s life. Spread some love. Be in a sharing and giving mood.

This is also a season to express love by giving. Do you realize that sometimes it is worth giving a gift to someone just to say, I am so glad you are human and alive. Imagine life with only you on the planet. I believe you would be so miserable and nothing would really be worth it.. No one to encourage you, no one to talk to, no one to argue with sometimes, no one to compete with, and sometimes who would you show off to.

So this is a season for just blessing everyone around you for being alive. Just for being alive to be anything and everything they are and have been.

Now today I am addressing those of you that wrote me to say that there was really nothing worth celebrating. Abba. So  you are miserable and unhappy because stuff went wrong or some things didn’t happen, or you just do not feel you are where you should be.

Today, I want you to begin to reflect on all the harm you are  doing to yourself, believe me ! You must begin to work on my mind. You must begin to shift your focus from that thing  or those things that are making you miserable, and I began to focus on the good things happening to you.

For every human being alive, no matter how bleak it looks, there is always something that is good happening somehow. You just really have to sit down and discover what it is. Once you begin to focus on those things, you just would not know how or when it happens or the exact point that it happens, but you just realized that your mood  would change, and all the heaviness would be  lifted from my spirit. Honestly we own our minds, and with plenty of practice, we can program  it to do whatever we want it to do.

Something happened to me the other day to someone. She  was so miserable. No matter how much she  tried to be strong, she could not help crying. She  just could not sleep. She got up tired and worn out the next day. When she came down the stairs, she was a shadow of herself.

Her face was drawn, eyes red, and in that one night, she had aged. She did this for a few more days, and she almost went blind, she fell extremely ill, and she became a nervous wreck.

But sitting down and reflecting on this woman’s situation, it just occurred to me that all the anxiety, worry, and sleeplessness did not add to or change the situation. The truth? There is no good reason to be unhappy or miserable. None whatsoever.

Yes friends were sorry for her? Some made her topic their jist. Before too long everyone had to go about their business and she was left to her misery. You just cannot expect people to feel what you feel or go through your problems with you for so long. Everyone believes they have their own issues to deal with. Infact some have worse problems than you do, but have learnt not to put their life on hold.

But some people believe the only response to certain events is to be angry, frightened, or unhappy. If you are unhappy about something, you can ask yourself “What would it mean if I were not unhappy about this thing? “Or “What am I getting by being unhappy about this?”  So on the other hand, in spite of all that is going on, you can choose not to be unhappy about this.

It is a choice, and only you can make it. Choose to be happy no matter what , especially this season. Abba!!! You made it to now, and there is hope for a better 2010.

It is important that we always focus on things that  are profitable .

I believe that  for every human being, there is the  possibility of attaining happiness. It is really up to you. Behind all the struggle and striving is a core state of happiness, waiting patiently for you to relax back into it. All I am saying is that there is no good reason to be unhappy. Just believe that all is well.

Stop for a moment and consider the fact that all the worries you had in the past didn’t prevent you from getting to where you are today, and it did not take you to some place else.

If you just learn to say “All is well, there is nothing to fear”.  I know this may come as a shock to you, but everything is OK. You must work hard at whatever, and precautions, but it’s worth reminding yourself that you’ve managed to come through everything that’s ever happened in your life so far, you will come through whatever it is that’s up this time.

I know we are all human, and these feelings will sneak in on you. Your duty is not to tarry in it. Just let it roll and move on
Enjoy the season.


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